Top 10 free stuff that became paid, stretch the money

Before, it was a different era. This sentence could serve as an awkward conclusion to a history essay by a student who frankly didn’t listen to anything in class; but could we blame him for using such a cliche? No idea, I’m not a history teacher. That being said, “before” was indeed a different era since there was a time when you could obtain certain services or certain products completely free of charge, until the capitalist shadow that hovers over our world realized that there was profit to be made.

1. Airplane food

Some airlines didn’t charge for meals on planes for their passengers and that was fine. Well you can imagine that this story of peanuts, drinks or meals offered could not last indefinitely and inevitably several companies started to charge for all that until finally it became the norm and we found ourselves dying slab and to pay a tidy sum for a dish that an 8-year-old child could prepare.

Top 10 free stuff that became paid, stretch the money

2. Information on the Internet

Initially, the internet was the new world, the online far west on which all the rules had yet to be written. We were therefore entitled to a bunch of free stuff, like most information sites on which we accessed articles for free. But hey, obviously the press represents work and all work deserves a salary, so we started to invent paywalls to make people pay for articles on a one-off or subscription basis. It might be one of the annoying things when browsing the internet but in real life it seems pretty logical.

Top 10 free stuff that became paid, stretch the money

3. Shopping bags

There was a time when shopping plastic bags were not chargeable but free. And at the same time that’s what probably precipitated an over-consumption of this shit and increased the pollution of the oceans, so already it’s a good thing that today we have given way to reusable or paper bags and especially that these are paying, it prevents most of us (especially me) from buying 40 and it’s much better.

Top 10 free stuff that became paid, stretch the money

4. Certain hotel services

Well, we’re not talking about the scam of mini-bars that cost so much that it’s like buying a bottle of water from Mars, but about certain services such as the use of the swimming pool, d a gym, newspapers… In short, a small surplus in your overall rating for amenities that you may not use but which are now generalized in the ratings of certain hotels. Afterwards, if you see in your note “pool fees” when the hotel does not have any, it means that you are really being fooled.

Top 10 free stuff that became paid, stretch the money

5. Tire inflation terminals

So there are still some free terminals in some service stations, but many are now paying and we can imagine that it should become the norm. Charging for air is not stupid, it’s a bit of a bitch but it’s not stupid. After the tires it also inflates very well with a straw and a mouth, never had any personal problems.

6. Vending machines

So it’s not about every bank and every transaction but depending on where you are and where you’re going to draw money from you can see that you are charged a small amount. Make people pay so they can access their money? A stroke of genius. That being said, most banks offer withdrawal fees at the rate of five withdrawals per month for example, but if you exceed this number you generally lose €1 per transaction.

Top 10 free stuff that became paid, stretch the money

7. Customer services

You see the kind of phone numbers with the mention “X cents per minute” on which you lose 300€ because you have been on hold longer than it takes to cross the Channel in a kayak? Well, a lot of companies had free customer services at the time but preferred to switch to a more advantageous model by making people pay. If we can still enjoy certain services for free, it is still increasingly rare.

Top 10 free stuff that became paid, stretch the money

8. Extras at some restaurant chains

Do you see the little mention “€1 for extra cheese” or “€1 for a slice of bacon” when you order a burger or a pizza in one of your favorite chains? Well it hasn’t always paid off, in reality you could ask for a supplement from the server or when ordering without really thinking that it was going to increase the price of it, but necessarily since everyone was asking for the signs began to say to themselves that there was money to be made on it and it was not necessarily false as an analysis.

Top 10 free stuff that became paid, stretch the money

9. Food delivery

Since we are talking about catering, in the old days, having your pizza or dish delivered was much more often free and it was up to the customer to tip the delivery man. It worked like that and everyone was happy. Then with the arrival of premium delivery services, we decided to make the customer pay more, to no longer offer real contracts to delivery people and to ask for tips in addition. Progress is beautiful.

Top 10 free stuff that became paid, stretch the money

10. Entrance to some national parks

All around the world the entrance to national parks has become paid for, whereas for a long time most were free. At the same time, it is generally for a good cause since it makes it possible to pay for the safeguarding of the place and its employees by adding to the various aids from the States concerned. The only annoying thing is that sometimes you can find yourself facing completely abusive prices, but hey, it’s part of the travel budget in the end and when you pass by one of the most beautiful national parks in Europe it doesn’t don’t miss the chance to visit it.

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