Top 10 Foods You Should Never Reheat, Forget That Microwave

We had already told you about the mistakes not to make with your pans (a particularly breathtaking article) or more generally about the mistakes not to make in the kitchen. But it turns out that we also expose ourselves to serious dangers when we reheat our grub. We look at it with uncorrected glasses.

1. Rice

Who hasn’t happened to reheating a dish of rice with a little butter and cheese because you’re hungry and have poor culinary knowledge? Well it is a practice to be banned as soon as possible. Reheated rice grows an unfriendly bacteria called Bacillus cereus which turns out to be toxic when heated to high temperatures. You then put yourself at risk of food poisoning.


2. Mushrooms

Okay so already the mushrooms I suggest that we stop eating them because it’s disgusting and there are far too many toxic mushrooms.


It turns out that the proteins contained in this food do not support being reheated. Champi cooked, roasted, sautéed in the pan yes with pleasure. But don’t tell me twice, because reheated shrooms can cause digestive problems and even heart problems.

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3. Eggs

Admittedly, it wouldn’t really occur to me to reheat a hard-boiled egg, but hey, there must be such dubious practices. Again, subjected to high temperatures, the eggs also become toxic. And frankly, who wants to cause a horrible bellyache by reheating their omelet?

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4. Chicken

A roast chicken is always eaten in the moment. Reheated, it’s not the same lemonade (even if we’re talking about chicken). Have you ever heard of salmonella? Something uncool as implied by the high number of “l”s in the word. Well, by reheating the chicken you wake up this little bacteria which will be happy to rot your stomach with a good family indigestion. At worst if you really need to reheat the mess, opt for the oven or the pan instead.

5. Meat

WHAAAAAAT but who warms his meat in life in fact? Get out of here.

OK, it won’t make you cry, but it might cause you a little bogus pain.

Top 10 Foods You Should Never Reheat Forget That Microwave

6. Potatoes


But if. Lionel? Haha MDR we can’t make funny jokes around here anymore. Enough laughing, the reheated potato does not mix well with your digestive system. Potatoes are either eaten directly cooked, or cold. I know life is hard.

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7. Chilli (in the microwave)

Hold on tight, peppers contain capsaicin, the same molecule found in pepper spray. And this molecule, as you might expect, burns your eyes, hands and throat. However, by putting a chilli in the microwave, you develop this molecule in the form of volatile compounds and risk taking it on your face.

8. Breast milk

It is certainly very practical to use a microwave when you have to get up in the middle of the night to heat up the divine liquid. Again, this is not recommended at all since this practice will lead to the development of bacteria. The kind of stuff we don’t want our infants to ingest.

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9. Spinach

We love to eat fresh spinach. A real treat for the taste buds (at least when you’re adults) and for your health, which can suddenly turn out to be very toxic when reheated. Quite simply, because spinach contains nitrates which turn into nitrites when heated. And nitrites, you know what? It’s carcinogenic.

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10. Celery

Same delirium for spinach. Reheated celery is nitrite in a bar and you’re not going to tell me that we ride a bike and smoke light fags only to end up getting cancer with a reheated celery soup.” cc=”” url=”” ]Top 10 Foods You Should Never Reheat Forget That Microwave