Top 10 foods not to mix

Already, at the base, we don’t necessarily pay attention to what we peck. Fat being strongly favored over a balanced diet. And even if we are a little more inclined towards a healthier diet, certain combinations of foods are strongly discouraged. Be careful, it’s not going to kill you, eh, but it’s just going to bring you nothing positive except an extra hole in the web of your cellulite.

1. Bread and cheese

A heavy blow for those whose extraordinary combination constitutes a daily diet. If it acts as a balm to the heart, health issue it is not. In fact, the carbohydrates in the bread will prevent the calcium in the cheese from being properly digested and thus contribute to your cardiovascular system. Basically the bread cancels the properties of the cheese and that’s cheum.

Top 10 foods not to mix

2. Tomatoes and cucumbers

Yes I know, there is enough to fall from the clouds but we will have to forget the traditional summer salad. The main problem lies in their different digestion times (cucumber being faster to digest than tomato). It’s not the end of the world but it exposes you to an unparalleled fart crisis.

Top 10 foods not to mix

3. Coffee with milk

Many of us may be followers of this ideal morning potion to make a big poo at 11am. Unfortunately, this association is the absolute evil. The coffee will prevent the digestion of the milk by making its particles swell once in the stomach. In short, if you’re a little sensitive on the digestive level, you’ll just feel like you’re carrying around a block of concrete in your belly and unless you’re a worker on a motorway renovation site, there’s no why you live with it.

Top 10 foods not to mix
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4. Potatoes and meat

Overall, proteins and starches do not mix well. Let’s say it’s far from being light, not to say downright heavy, kind of heavier than when Michel Leeb plays the African. It is the digestion of the starch contained in starchy foods that poses a problem, because it is not done by the same pathways as proteins. This means that the starch will not be digested as it wishes and will suddenly ferment as a form of revenge. And I don’t know if you’ve ever seen starch ferment, but it’s not a pretty sight. The best thing is to eat your rib of beef with green beans and not hash browns even if on the scale of happiness you do not exceed 7/10.

5. Beers and Peanuts

The combo of any self-respecting student (and by student I mean any adult person who consumes alcohol) is actually a big scam. It’s simple, peanuts are salty, so they cause dehydration, but alcohol also causes dehydration. But dehydration + dehydration = mega dehydration.

Top 10 foods not to mix

6. Coffee or tea with eggs

This delicious association which projects you rather quickly on the throne in order to produce a wonderful perfect has nevertheless ultra negative effects. In eggs there is iron. Not iron like pieces of metal huh!!!!! But iron in the form of trace elements. And for this iron to act positively on your body, it must be synthesized, but the absorption of theine or caffeine prevents you from synthesizing iron. The best thing to do is to leave an hour between eating your boiled eggs and your bowl of tea.

7. Drink almost any liquid while eating

Whether it’s water, fruit juice, a cup of tea or a glass of bleach, it’s always inadvisable. To put it simply, a liquid will flow and gallop through your stomach in less than 10 minutes and will dilute the enzymes that you use to digest carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and all the rest. To do well, you must therefore drink before eating (which can also give a feeling of satiety and prevent you from rushing on the food like a messy person) and wait a few minutes after your meal.

8. Eat fruit during a meal or at the end

You might think that fruits are good in all circumstances, but in fact they are not. These little bastards can screw up your belly in World War I mode if you don’t take them when you have to. As always, it’s all about digestive timing. Fruits are digested slowly, but if you eat them with things that digest more quickly they will stagnate in your digestive tract and get a little sour. But when the fruits are made dry, they ferment and your intestines are expensive. In short, fruit can be eaten either at the start of a meal or as a snack, but never at the end of a meal.

9. Hamburger / fries: the combo of death

Goodbye happiness, hello sadness, what constitutes the meal of happiness is in fact a beautiful crap. Well, we suspected that when it comes to food balance, we weren’t at the top, but the association of meat and bread is like with potatoes, it’s a mess in your belly. It’s ten times too rich, but not financially rich, hence the disappointment.

Top 10 foods not to mix

10. Mentos and Coke for breakfast

I’ll tell you no more, I’ll let you experience it.

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