Top 10 flirting criteria claimed by famous men, who do they think they are…

Everyone has the right to love whoever they hear. You know the song about “tastes and colors”. As a result, we do not judge who is attracted to whom. On the other hand, what we consider strong are the declarations of certain famous men on what is or is not desirable in a woman, and on the way in which one can flirt with women. Often, it takes a very disgusting form of misogyny, and we don’t really like misogyny.

1. Elie Semoun cannot date women over 37

From the top of his almost 60 brooms, Elie Semoun came out in an interview that he could not go out with a woman over 37 years old. According to him, it’s because he would have the impression of cheating on his mother who died at 37, but it rather gives the impression that women have an expiry date, and that doesn’t give a damn.

2. Yann Moix is ​​”incapable of loving a 50-year-old woman”

If Elie Semoun tried to justify himself with his personal story, Yann Moix, he is content to say that a “a 25-year-old woman’s body is extraordinary”. So a 50-year-old woman’s body is crap, right? Well, it will make a lot of people happy to hear it.

3. Bernard Henri-Lévy does not like working women

In a book released in 1993, this bugger from BHL managed to get us out of this horror: “I find that money goes badly to women. I would find it hard to like a “banker” or a “businesswoman”[…]. And I always feel a certain discomfort, it’s true, to see them like that, badly awake, too quickly made up, their hair a little askew, the lipstick badly spread, discussing business with a chain manager or bank…” So, ladies, if you want to please BHL, stay poor and away from the professional world. What ? You don’t want to please BHL? We understand you.

4. Anatole France only liked women with big boobs

Once again, everyone has their own tastes, on the other hand we do not get out of the absurdities of style: “A woman without breasts is like a bed without a pillow”. Yes yes, he really said that. Zero respect for A cups at Anatole.

5. Patrick Sébastien would rather have mistresses than sleep with the mother of his children

Want some surreal quote? So here is one offered by good old Patoche: “There is something incestuous about making love to the mother of your children. Maybe that’s why men have mistresses. » We don’t even know where to start, so nothing goes in these two sentences. What is certain is that you are advised not to send it to your mother for Mother’s Day.

6. DiCaprio dumps all his chicks when they’re 25

Well, he didn’t claim it out loud, but his romantic behavior speaks for itself: as soon as one of his girlfriends reaches the fateful age of 25, she becomes too old in Leonardo’s eyes. It’s still really sad, especially since he himself is not getting any younger at all.

7. Sacha Guitry only dates women who don’t like women

Come on, a new gross quote for the road: “A woman, a real woman, is above all a woman who is not a feminist. » Anyway, when a quote starts with “a real woman” (or “a real man”), it usually doesn’t bode well for the future. This is verified once again here.

8. Oscar Wilde who… we’ve run out of words

We let you enjoy one of these quotes: “To love an intelligent woman is a pederast’s pleasure. » Good. So, does that mean that loving an intelligent woman is a thing for men who like to sleep with very young guys? But why ? Even coming from someone who was gay, that’s pretty weird.

Little bonus from Oscar who did not always seem to assume his homosexuality: “The only way to behave with a woman is to make love with her if she is pretty, and with another if she is not. » Sorry ugly ones, Oscar is not validating you.

9. Guy de Maupassant is not so fond of consent

A word of advice if you ever find yourself in front of a judge for having kissed a woman against her will (never do that), avoid this line of defense: “A legal kiss is never worth a stolen kiss. » This is very very very slightly problematic. Very.

Let us recall in passing that Guy de Maupassant is one of the writers who were puffs, in particular because he liked to pass on his STDs to everyone. Charming character, isn’t it?

10. For Frédéric Beigbeder, women are interchangeable

Here is a little technique made in Beigbeder if you want to get it without pissing you off: “The advantage of flirting with different girls is that you can always tell them the same thing. » Oh yeah, it’s better than being interested in the person you’re talking to and valuing their personality. The powder it still makes say sacred bullshit sometimes.

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