Top 10 first times that will be better than the next

The first few times are important. They are often the best. First apartment, first car, first roommate… Afterwards, for the first more personal times, we won’t tell you everything!

1. Your first salary

An indescribable joy, as if you hadn’t deserved it. You don’t know if you have the right to touch it, you take screenshots of your account, you’re afraid that everything will fly away. Then you slam everything because hey, that’s what it’s made for. Then it’s just routine, even if, a priori, it increases

Top 10 first times that will be better than the next

2. Your first car

You two had a real story. You even gave her a little name that you thought was funny and that made you happy when you talked about her to other people as if she were a real person: “She’s a bit grumpy, Dolores, at the moment. Now your car is just a car. And you don’t even know where you parked it.

Top 10 first times that will be better than the next

3. Your first kiss

You thought it would never happen; well yes, it happened. Maxi-endorphins. Even though you both had braces and you jammed your teeth and ended up in the ER and…

Ah, it didn’t happen to everyone, did it?

4. The first time you flew

Can you imagine the thing? Already, the airport was a new and unheard of playground where chances are you were too young to realize that everything was ultra-expensive. There were controls to pass, strange things on all sides, and at the end of the day: the Grail. A seat near the window, the clouds to the left, to the right, the turbulence, the plane food and, at the end, the holidays.

Now, eh, the controls are scary and the plane is too long.

5. Your first party

You were still a little teenager, not quite an adult. There were forbidden things and no return schedule. You could drink alcohol in moderation, feel great, you had put on clothes to look classy and in the dark, you couldn’t even see your pimples. Now, going out on Saturdays is just a bit of a boring routine. What was good.

6. Your first apartment

You left the family home where meals were taken at fixed times to live a life of patachon in some grub where you had the right to eat pizzas every day, to watch films until no time and to invite who you wanted, when you wanted. A first experience of freedom – and the pain of having to take out money at the beginning of the month to pay your rent. Now, all that is normal, it’s plan-plan, you end up moving the furniture every month to have a feeling of novelty.

7. The first time you hear a song you love

Suddenly, because it was her, because it was you. There is absolute perfection between this moment and this song and all the rest of the plays will be only a difficult ersatz of this extraordinary compatibility. Here you are, listening to something over and over in search of the first feeling without ever managing to find it completely. Hard.

8. The first time you had a Smartphone

The world of possibilities opened up to you. A crazy thing, applications everywhere, the possibility of doing everything you want by taking something out of your pocket. Then little by little the ecstasy gave way to habit, and habit to a vague fatigue as your Smartphone becomes slower and more painful to use. Finally! When you think that a hundred years ago people rode in carts, huh.

9. The first time you went to a wedding

A gigantic free party with unlimited champagne, well-dressed people, and everyone in a good mood: that’s what you experienced the first time you went to a wedding. Then, you did others, and you have to admit that the Gers is not easy to access, and then the dates are bad, and then we don’t really know why we put you at this table, and then the champagne, in fact, it’s crémant, and then you don’t know anyone and then… We know the music.

Top 10 first times that will be better than the next

10. The first time we were world champions

No, in truth, the second one was good too, you have to admit. But the first one was crazier.

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