Top 10 films with the most product placements, ads you didn’t have…

A bit like the worst product placements of reality TV, some film productions do not hesitate to make abused product placements. Others don’t hesitate to fuck dozens either because the bigger it is, the better it goes, as I say all the time when cooking burgers. So that’s the official list of movies that have no notion of quantity limit. Oh wow, that’s pretty!

1. Josie and the Pussycats

Number of product placements: 109

Know that the film lasts 98 minutes… Which gives more than one product placement per minute. PER DAMN MINUTE! Are we in an ad agency or what? I’ll let you tell me how many product placements you got in the trailer alone. Whoever finds wins their weight in push brooms.

2. Sex And The City

Number of product placements: 89

Knowing that clothes are the most placed products in films, we are not really surprised to find Sex and the City at this position. Carrie Bradshaw’s dressing room is a mall all on its own. Like the Jaude center in Clermont-Ferrand.

3. Ricky Bobby: King of the circuit

Number of product placements: 89

Vroom, vroom, the big cylinders, the smell of bitumen and the chrome aluminum rims. Convenient to make a maximum of publicity. This is how Ricky Bobby moved up to second place in the standings, tied with Sex And The City. Well done pilot.

4. Ocean’s 8

Number of product placements: 76

Don’t worry that with jewel theft movies, there are plenty of ways to advertise to keep everyone happy. Cartier’s name alone must have been repeated more than a hundred times. It’s not just the eight thieves who are rich now…

5. Knocked up, instructions for use

Number of product placements: 70

I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve absolutely never seen this movie, so I have no idea if the product placement is for condoms, baby bibs, or a fold-out corner sofa. But suddenly, this very good place in this ranking still does not make me want to watch it (the synopsis either, but that’s another story).

6. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Number of product placements: 70

Ah the money, the money… The film crew must have earned a lot of it given the number of product placements found in this work. As much as for Knocked up, instructions for use. And frankly, that’s nothing to be proud of.


Number of product placements: 67

Note that they were very lucky that this film was not made later because it would have had to triple the number of product placements to pay Angelina Jolie’s salary at her peak. But suddenly, explain to us what are those already present for??

8. The Amazing Spider-Man: A Hero’s Fate

Number of product placements: 66

Not so amazing the Spiderman. To save the damsels in distress, there are a lot of people, but to fight against the ads in the movies THERE IS NO ONE MORE, HEY! Frankly, if I was told that it is he who is at the origin of the pubs in the middle of the episodes of Koh-Lanta, I would not be surprised.

9. Back to the Future

Number of product placements: 65

So yes I know, you are going to tell me that as you have already seen this film 43 times, you have already spotted Marty’s Nikes, the Mattel hoverboard, the Pepsi Perfect, the DeLorean or the Pizza Hut to name only the placements of the most famous products. But if it was just that… Back to the future has long been considered one of the films with the most spotlight on brands and products.

10. Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Number of product placements: 63

There was a time when we criticized the James Bonds when we saw one or two product placements that were a little too obvious. But frankly, we should have shut up when we see Kingsman today. Between clothes, cars, gadgets… Spying has changed a lot, I tell you.

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