Top 10 films censored for homophobic reasons, friendly and open countries

Where there is art there is bound to be censorship, just as there are always Breton flags in demonstrations. Some countries are not shy about removing scenes or outright banning films that deal with homosexuality, the practice goes back a long way and still continues to exist, and we invite you to see some examples that make us say that there there are quite a few places in the world where tolerance is still at a standstill.

1. Doctor Strange 2: Banned in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Kuwait

Latest film to have undergone censorship, Doctor Strange 2 is currently banned from broadcasting in these countries because of the character America Chavez, a lesbian superheroine. Yes, because showing a homosexual superhero could give children bad ideas.

2. The Eternals: censored in Qatar and Saudi Arabia

The same way as Doctor Strange 2 the marvel movie The Eternals had been banned in several countries because of a kiss between two men, the character Phastos and her husband. It is sure that seeing two men kissing is super serious. The reasons were clearly bad, if this film had to be censored it was mainly because it was crap.

3. Bohemian Rhapsody: deleted scenes in China

Another type of censorship consists in quite simply removing scenes, we had already shown it to you with the films changed for China, a country accustomed to the practice. So we deleted about ten scenes where there were gay references because it was too hard for the government to bear.

4. Zoolander: censored in Iran

When it was released in 2001, the film Zoolander was directly banned from broadcasting in several countries: the main reason was that it showed an assassination attempt on the Malaysian Prime Minister except in Iran where it was simply banned because it showed too many positive scenes on homosexuals.

5. Brokeback Mountain: banned in China and the United Arab Emirates

Two cowboys lost in the mountains tending cattle and falling in love is not necessarily a film that appeals to the Chinese public, at least that is the opinion of the government. In both countries, the film was banned in theaters, but was still released on DVD, go figure.

6. Alien Covenant: banned in China

So be careful, it’s special: basically in the film we see a human and a cyborg kissing and the two characters are played by the same actor, namely Michael Fassbender. And to see a guy kissing himself was once again too much for the Chinese government, which simply decided to suppress the scene.

7. Rocketman: Censored in Russia

Despite the fact that Elton John is very popular in Russia it was not very cool according to the Russian government to show in his biopic that he was homosexual. So to protect young audiences, we decided to delete certain scenes. Russia, this country champion of the world of homophobia.

8. Call me by your name: prohibited in a Chinese festival

As it won awards all around the world when it released the film Call me by your name was simply banned from the Beijing International Film Festival. Unsurprisingly, this is simply because the film was primarily about homosexuality, a subject that the Chinese government equates to incest and sexual abuse in film productions. Yes, it is absolutely outrageous.

9. Danish Girl: banned in LOTS of countries

The biopic which is about the very first person to undergo gender reassignment surgery has caused big problems in many countries including Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and many more. This subject has even been labeled as “moral depravity”, you see how super friendly it is in some countries.

10. Beauty and the Beast (2017): banned in Malaysia

If you want to show gay characters in Malaysia you have to show them repenting of their sins or in a negative light, otherwise it’s not even worth trying. That’s why we just deleted a scene from the live-action version of The beauty and the Beast in this country, because children absolutely must not see a kiss between two men. It’s so sad it’s stupid.

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