Top 10 filming secrets in the Cinema, to see your favorite films again from a new…

This is indeed a universe that fascinates. What we wouldn’t give to know the most crispy anecdotes from the shooting of our favorite films? And for good reason, there are so many little things that you wouldn’t even suspect in the complexity of filming, that what you are about to read will make your head spin. Yes, sometimes I abuse the putaclic dialect a little, but it’s for your good. Read this whole top carefully, the end will surprise you.

1. The sounds of bone breaking or knife sticking in the belly are produced with vegetables

Well yes because we’re not really going to break people’s bones first PAAAASKE CÉ DU CINÉMAAAAA. It is therefore the tedious job of the sound engineers who struggle to reproduce the sound that will be the most appropriate. In porn, this gives rise to particularly extravagant situations.

2. The extras in the background talk and laugh silently

Yes, the job of the extras, paradoxically, is to make themselves completely invisible. So don’t expect to get noticed by reciting Phaedrus the embodied air, you will be fired illico. To do well, especially in interior scenes, you must therefore develop a rare talent of pretending to talk and laugh. And of course not looking at the camera with a wink. Because, I assure you, it is noticeable.

3. To make inlays, we use a green background because it is the color that contrasts the most with that of the skin

It also works with the blue background. In fact, we could make overlays with a background of any color, it would just be more of a hassle. And we don’t like hassles.

4. Kids usually don’t know they’re in a horror movie.

Because moral question, we would not be at the top if we said to a 4-year-old brat “so you see the lady she plays your mom, and when you see her all gutted by the mean man, well you will have to cry”. Suddenly, everything is done so that he does not even capture the horrific stakes of the scene (and since the children are roughly speaking quite drunk, it’s not super complicated). This is how little Danny Lloyd in The Shining would not have discovered the excruciating scale of the film in which he played a toddler until he was 16 years old.

5. Scenes where an actor looks in a mirror are a monstrous hassle to film

There are lots of different techniques, often we use a colorless mirror so that the camera films behind the glass, otherwise we place the mirror 3/4 and the actor looks at the camera in the reflection but we have the impression that ‘he dulls himself in the ice. Best example of a totally bonkers trick on the set of Terminator 2 as seen in the photo below. Frankly, I never would have found.

Top 10 filming secrets in the cinema, to see your favorite films again from a new...

6. The “bigatures” are miniature “big” used for certain shots

They are found in particular in Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or Grand Budapest Hotel. Because we don’t always have the money to afford a crazy castle or a deglingo landscape as we would like in our head. In this case, you have to use the good old cardboard methods.

7. For vomit scenes (our favorites), the actors have a pre-filled pocket provided for this purpose

Because even if you did the Cours Florent (and God knows it’s the best school in the whole world), you’re not necessarily able to puke on command. In this case, we rather use a bag made up of pieces of spaghetti in sauce and you just have to press on the bag to extract the wonderful substance.

8. Movie costumers do nawak my guy

We can easily name the costume designers in the most creative (and also the weirdest) professions on a set. To cite just one example, the coats of the members of the Night’s Watch in Game Of Thrones are simply made from IKEA rugs which made this furry effect look good.

9. Actors don’t really eat on food scenes.

Because otherwise they wouldn’t need a pocket of fake vomit hidden in their neck, they could vomit for real, YAY. In fact they spit after each scene. Even if it’s good. Balls. Hello mess. In the same way they don’t really smoke, otherwise they would all die before 30 years. Movie cigarettes are often made from weed, otherwise they’re pretend.

10. Cocaine from movies = milk powder + vitamins

Even if the recipes vary, it generally revolves around that. We strongly advise against using sugar or flour, which react badly to humidity. In short, powdered lactose is the only product that you can really snort without grilling your brain. However, if you really want to limit breakage, it is possible to coat the inside of the straw with Vaseline so that the powder remains attached to it and does not end up in the pif.

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