Top 10 figures on the price of the arrival of a baby, or how to ruin yourself

Having a child is good, it’s cool. Unless you do it just to post pictures of him on Facebook, then it gets downright boring. The only little snag is that your little brat needs clothes, food, a room, a pram… And all that shit costs a ton of armor.

1. 75% of parents will not drop more than 2000 euros for the birth of their child

And at the same time, we understand them. The brat doesn’t weigh more than 4 kilos, he’s no bigger than a backpack so what’s the idea of ​​going to spend thousands and cents on him. Half of the parents spend between 500 and 1500 euros (yes this range is wide) and frankly, it is much more reasonable.

2. 27% of parents in the North don’t care about planning their expenses and practice yolo

And yeah, in the North, we live day to day. However, across France, future parents tend to strongly anticipate the arrival of a child (66% of them), especially in the East. Must say that they don’t give a damn…

3. Childcare is the biggest expense, babysitters don’t bother

Well yes, you’ll have to rack up so that your brat is taken care of by a satanic nanny who will probably summon Lucifer while he quietly pions in his little pram. And don’t be surprised when she demands that you drive her home because you got home at 4 a.m. instead of midnight. Thanks very much.

4. Half of parents shop for baby gear online

The guys are not afraid what. Either way, it’s not their brat who’s going to complain because the brand of clothing runs too big or the colors are much more washed out than in the photo. Or else he is very, very early… He may even be precocious…

5. 21% plan to extort family members to support the newborn

Well, okay, the term “racketeer” is a bit strong, let’s prefer “borrow”. Still, it’s certainly easier to tap into Papa-Mom’s reserves rather than doing like 27% of young parents and dipping into their own savings… We say that, we don’t say anything.

6. 1/3 of parents have no idea of ​​the cost of having a child

Bah bravo badgers… It copulates like little rabbits but it’s not crazy to make an estimate table as to the expenses relating to the birth of your kids. We don’t congratulate you. But then not at all.

7. 18% of parents have already bought their kid’s things at a garage sale

That is to say that here we are on the occasion of occasion. You are very lucky that your kid is not able to realize that he is wearing the clothes of an illustrious stranger because, believe me, if he was, he would have pissed you off. . Well Named.

8. When buying gear for their child, parents first pay attention to the solidity of the object

Then comes the price (don’t mess around either) and the lifespan (because they plan to let their kid sleep in a pram until he’s 28.)

9. Currently, 57% of parents have a child under 18

Which means that he is either in the middle of a teenage crisis, or being thrown by all the universities in France because of ParcourSup, or he is still wetting his bed. In any case, we wish them a lot of courage and we are happy not to be in their place.

10. 42% of parents equip themselves in supermarkets

You should know that it is the Ile-de-France residents who frequent the stores specializing in early childhood the most. Which makes sense when you’re looking for gluten-free wooden toys for your kid and feeding him soy milk. Too many contemptuous cliches in one sentence. My excuses.

In short, children, it costs a blind. It’s noisy. And it’s really ugly at birth. But we still love them madly after having laid them (and not during them), and that’s what’s beautiful. In the meantime, don’t worry if we look at the scale of a lifetime, the cost of things can seem staggering to us.

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