Top 10 Favorite Dumb Jokes For Parents They Never Quit

We love the jokes of parents who make fun of their offspring but it made us laugh a lot less when it happened to us as children. There are universal jokes, those that all parents have made and the tradition lives on whether we like it or not. We all had the same childhood or what?

1. Relighting birthday candles

When the birthday candles that relight after blowing out went out, the parents pissed on each other with laughter. Obviously, it was the perfect joke to prank your child, but 20 years later, we understood the valve. Was it really necessary to start over every year?

Top 10 Favorite Dumb Jokes For Parents They Never Quit
Picture credits: Romain D Moostik x Topito

2. The empty boiled egg returned to the egg cup

If you don’t know this incredible joke, all you have to do is eat a boiled egg and return the empty shell to the egg cup so that a new egg seems ready to taste, the illusion is perfect. What’s unlikely is that parents will teach this joke to their young children and then pretend to be surprised when the kid plays the joke again.

3. The famous “I stole your nose”

I have long struggled to understand why parents of toddlers find this joke funny. When I saw that the kids were gullible enough to believe it, I understood. How naïve is a child…

4. Saying we’re going to Disneyland when we’re going to the dentist

The ultimate betrayal. How can we make a child believe that we are taking him to a magical place with giant mascots and unbearable music when he is just going to have a cavity removed? It really is gratuitous wickedness.

5. Play loud music in the car when picking you up from school

It’s always embarrassing when your parents did it but looking back, it’s still very funny. You did it to your siblings when you got your license and you’ll probably do it to shame your kids too. It’s even funnier if you’re wearing a bathrobe and Crocs.

6. Asking if you “did it in your pants” when you’re wearing a baggy

Clothes jokes are always the same; they exist in all families and have not changed since the 70s. For baggy pants, the classic joke is to say that you pooped in your pants and for jeans with holes, parents ask if you pooped it. got half price since there is half the fabric. Hilarious.

7. The “oops, I ate your candy” joke

Go find out why, parents like to see the confusion and sadness on the faces of their children. To do this, just tell them that you ate all the Halloween candies or all the Easter chocolates. If you give them back afterwards, it’s funny. If you really ate them, it’s cruel.

Top 10 Favorite Dumb Jokes For Parents They Never Quit

8. The birthday present where you have to open 30 boxes in Russian doll mode

Without being able to explain it, there are jokes that all dads love and playing with their children’s patience is often at the center of their valve concepts. The best-known prank is that of Russian doll gift wrapping: 15 packages are unwrapped for a very mediocre gift at the end. HAHAHAHA.

9. Wrap your bed

It’s the camp leaders’ favorite stupid joke, but parents are happy to adopt it to annoy their child just before he goes to bed. Making a wraparound bed means folding the sheet under the duvet so that you can’t lie in it. The bed then has to be remade. A word of advice, don’t try this joke if you want the child to sleep before 11 p.m. because it will make him laugh for an hour and a half.

10. The joke of the dessert that disappears from the table

Long before trapping our buddies with this lame joke in the school canteen, we were being tricked by our parents who stole our dessert as soon as we turned our backs. With a bit of luck, we would give you back your dessert right after, but if it was a Flamby, you knew very well that it had just been swallowed directly on your plate.

I take this opportunity to leave you with this perfectly appropriate sketch by Jérôme Deschamps in the show La cour des grands which perfectly illustrated the drama of Flamby’s flight.

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