Top 10 fates of TV stars of the 2000s

They marked our childhoods / adolescence by participating in reality TV shows and TV hooks in vogue in the 2000s, then unfortunately fell back into oblivion. Too sad. So… As the presenter of a nostalgic show on the 1 would say, it’s time to ask “But what happened to them? “. (I’ve always dreamed of saying that.) The answer, after the puuuuuuub! (That’s wrong. The answer is right now.)

1. Cindy Sander, from New Star’s laughing stock to Mugler’s Muse

In 2008, Cindy Sander was humiliated in front of millions of viewers during her casting for La Nouvelle Star. After a theatrical medley, the coaches don’t spare her and throw her a “I’ve been tortured, I’m tied up and I’m listening to you sing”, “I just want you to stop singing”, or even ” you have all the corny stuff”. After this difficult experience, she still releases the title “Butterfly of Light”, but the mayonnaise does not take.

In 2014, she appears completely transformed, thinned and redheaded in A Whole Story. France then learns the news: she is the future protagonist of the show The Wyld, produced by Thierry Mugler! Presented in Berlin, it is known as the “most expensive show in the world”, not counting those in Las Vegas. The butterfly under the spotlight, respect.

Overcome humiliation

After a tough humiliation at the ‘The New Star’ audition, how did Cindy Sander pull herself together? Find her in “What have they become: TV hooks” Thursday at 8:10 p.m. on Plug RTL??

Posted by RTL TVI on Thursday, February 3, 2022

2. Magalie Vaé, the winner of the Star Academy converted into events

In a report recently broadcast on TF1, Magalie Vaé evoked the grossophobia of which she was the victim after her victory at the fifth edition of the Star Academy. She then released her first album, but it sold very little… Only 20,000 copies. Her record company thanks her and ceases their collaboration. She then converted to events. She hosts events (weddings, birthdays, retirements, etc.) and sometimes sings there. This summer, she also took part in the “Paradise of the stars”, a tour organized in several campsites in France, by the “Camping paradise” chain. By her side: Tiyad, an artist with whom she also recently released the single “sous le vent”.

3. Loana, the long descent into hell

The first Loft Story winner has been recognized as the first French reality star. Unfortunately, her stardom in 2001 slowly waned, she fell victim to her media overexposure and went through some dark times, and honestly… It still hurts our hearts for her.

4. Jean-Pascal, a few more appearances on tv

An emblematic candidate for Star Ac’ 1, he began a career as an actor in 2006, playing Irrandonea in the Section de Recherches series (TF1). After seven seasons, the series moves from Bordeaux to Nice and reviews its entire cast. He is thanked, and his media appearances are rarer. He still appeared in a few shows: in the Splash diving contest in 2013 (yes, yes), in an episode of Camping Paradis just after, in Fort Boyard in 2015, then in An almost perfect dinner in 2016. After having managed a bar -restaurant in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, the man, father of three children, is now an ambassador for several brands on social networks.

5. The L5s, very distinct lives

By winning the first edition of Popstars, they clearly become (all) the women of our lives! Unfortunately, the glory stops as soon as their second album is released. In 2006, five years after the tele-hook, they separated. Lydie began a short solo career under the name “Louisy Joseph”. Does it ring a bell ? If I sing to you “ssssiiiiiiis on the ground, see the world go by, and have only a homeeeee, a piece of sidewalk”, do you have it? We also saw it in the 5th season of Dancing with the Stars and in Camping Paradis.

Alexandra and Marjorie have opened a salon for nail technicians near Marseille: the Diamond Girls. They became sisters-in-law (too choupiiii), and joined the Island of Truths 4 together in 2014. They also reformed as a duo for the Back to Basic Tour, under the name of “New L5”. Coralie, who has become a carer, joined the duo in 2016.

Claire, finally, tried to break through solo. She notably participated in season 2 of The Voice in 2013… A hard blow, since no coach turned around. At the start of 2022, all 5 of them met on the W9 hit machine set.


6. Link ups

Three guys who made us dream, three opposite lives. M.Pokora’s career is known to all. On the other hand, Lionel Tim and Otis fell back into anonymity. If Otis Guilon, today a model and caregiver in an Ehpad in Montargis, lived it well, the situation was much more difficult for Lionel. He tried to revive his career, release singles and even appeared on The X Factor in Britain and The Voice, but to no avail. In February 2022, on the set of TPMP, he declares, with emotion, to be followed psychologically to overcome these failures. We also learn that he has decided to tell his story in the theater, in the play “Mon étoile”. It was played at La Divine Comédie in Paris, from January 21 to April 10, 2022. We send you lots of love, Lionel.

7. Magloire, from Morning Live on TV5 Monde

Magloire was one of the leading figures of Morning Live, alongside Mickaël Youn, Vincent Desagnat and Benjamin Morgaine, in the early 2000s. After difficult years, particularly linked to the death of his mother, he returns to our screens in 2019 , in Fort Boyard. He embodies “Magic”. Change of register recently: in the summer of 2022, he was filming in Brittany, Alsace, South-West and in the North, to produce a documentary series in twenty episodes, notably broadcast on TV5 Monde at the start of the school year.

8. Michael Vandetta, from reality TV to the world… Cults, yay

After several interventions in TV shows, he participated in the farm celebrity in 2010. At the time of the Covid, he returned to the front of the stage, but for very different reasons: he presented himself as a convinced antivax, and reconverted in esotericism. He also turns to the “Universal White Brotherhood”, an “organization” closely observed by associations fighting against sectarian aberrations. On social networks, he also gave nice advice, like “If you are forcibly vaccinated, you take out the venom pump to get all the toxic product out”. Since then, he has been using the web to organize evenings between people with “high energy vibration”. Crazy, you said?


9. Olivier Siroux, the first bachelor now owns a tinted film company

In 2003, he became the first bachelor of the French version of the show. The gentleman, single, tries to find love among twenty suitors. He leaves on Alexandra’s arm, but their romance is short-lived. Today, married to a certain Aurélia for 12 years and father of three children, he is also at the head of the company Glastint, manufacturing tinted films for windshields and office windows.

10. Greg, the millionaire

Another great seducer of the French media scene in the 2000s: Greg, the (false) millionaire. The program was released in 2003 and the concept is simple: Grégory Basso, coveted by twenty contenders, plays the role of a guy who’s got a lot of money (when he isn’t). After his television appearance, he wrote and published his autobiography, embarked on a career as an actor, and obtained a role in “Sous le soleil”. He returned to reality TV in 2010 in the “Ferme celebrity”, tried his hand at music with the titles “Baila lo” and “Sex Appeal”, and in entrepreneurship by buying a restaurant in Ibiza then a nightclub in Perpignan. . In March 2021, he is sponsoring the Vacances des Anges 4. Sacré CV!

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