Top 10 fates of former Star Academy candidates, what became of them?

When we were younger, we were rocked by the best reality TV show of the 2000s: Star Academy. So we knew a lot of stars in the making. But have they remained famous? Well I reveal all that to you in the following top. Be careful, you will be moderately surprised. And I’m not talking about Jenifer, Nolwenn or Elodie Frégé who are still famous.

1. Emma Daumas

We met her in the 2nd season of Star Academy and she charmed us with her hit “Tu seras”. Despite that, we completely forgot her in the song. Emma went into writing and in 2016 released a novel called Supernova, which addresses the quirks of reality TV. I wish I was his future now.

2. Houcine

After singing “To be a man like you” for the release of the film The Jungle Book 2, who by the way was a hit, Houcine is the nanny of the Star Ac’ 4 candidates. Then he presents a few shows on TF1, Gulli Pop Kids Club. In 2006 he tapped into the musical with a lead role in Hi Joe! In 2015 he participated in Las Vegas Academy. Basically the guy does a lot of pretty cool stuff and he seems to be having fun.

3. Jessica Marquez

Jessica has not been idle, she was a hit with 3 singles in 2002, “Si Fragiles”, “Tout se dire” and of course the marvelous “Maria Magdalena”. Afterwards she disappeared. Then she resurfaced in “Encore une chance” on NRJ12 with a second album whose name I did not remember. Phew failure, she stops the song.

4. Jean-Pascal Lacoste

Yes he was our favorite agitator. But alas he stopped the song to go to the cinema. And you might not have seen it in the show Research Section on TF1 because nobody watches this series. He also runs a restaurant on the Basque coast. In 2013 he played in an episode of Camping Paradis and participated in the program Splash le grand plunge.

5. Mario Barravecchia

Mario has become a serious businessman. He owns a luxury bar in the megalopolis of Dijon, and founded Welcome Magazine, a prestigious magazine. He would also like to get into politics one day.

6. Jeremy Chatelain

Jérémy kept his magical hairstyle, married the singer Alizée and even became a dad. For the rest, askip still makes music but no one talks about it and no one knows what’s coming out. We hope to see him in Dancing with the stars so that he can relaunch his career.

7. George Alain

The guy was kind of the softest guy in the world despite his kindness. As you can guess, no song for him, but a great career as a sports presenter on MCS Extreme. We hope he still wears his beanie and quality baggy.

8. Carine Haddadou

After the first season of Star Academy and a hit that is not one, we forgot, she appeared in Angels 3: I love New York. That’s it that’s all.

9. Sofia Essaidi

Admit you have already sung on “Woman of today”. Sofia also touched the stars in the musical Cleopatra with Kamel Ouali. She even participated in Dancing with the Stars in 2011, which she did not win. Today she continues the music but we hope to find her in the next Star Wars (no).

10. Michael

Michal became a music composer. In 2016 he released an album for the Polish market on the theme of Christmas and this year it’s Play l’amour, which will surely talk about love. He also married his guy. And he returned the orange to the merchant. Mdr.

Music, yes music, I know it will be the key to the love of friendship.

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