Top 10 fashions that are becoming more popular for men

More and more, stupid boundaries in fashion are disappearing. Men now dig into what was until now attributed to the “women’s wardrobe” to compose their look. For its part, this distinction “women’s clothing” / “men’s clothing” also tends to no longer exist. Accepting the diversity of our wardrobes, stopping worrying about codes from another time, accepting and opening up your mind a little: it feels good.

1. Dresses

A real revolution in the West, and yet… the dress has long been unisex. In Greco-Roman antiquity, men wore tunics. In Ancient Rome, soldiers wear skirts. Skirts then perceived as a symbol of virility. At the beginning of the Middle Ages, only one distinction was made: long/short clothing. But the dress remains natural for both sexes. The clothing revolution took place in the 14th century, with the popularization of the jacket and the two-piece for men.

During our era: Jean-Paul Gauthier was the first, in 1984, to try to democratize, again, the skirt for men. Failure outside the podiums, but the seed is sown. Today, there is still a long way to go, but more and more men, including celebrities, proudly wear this outfit. We think of Vin Diesel, Billy Porter, Kanye West or Harry Style.

If you think for two seconds: which of you has ever seen a representation of Jesus in pants?? From Caesar?? Anybody. The guys have worn and will wear dresses.

2. Playsuits

And this time, it’s a real revolution. The first is very recent since it dates from… 2017. It is ACED, an American brand founded by students, which is getting into the trend. To finance this project: a crowdfunding campaign is launched. A call for contributions which met with unexpected success: 288,000 euros collected, against 10,000 expected.

This summer, new pieces should come to bloom the collections, especially on the side of Prada.

The point of injustice: men will not necessarily know this immense moment of embarrassment, when you go to pee and find yourself oiling in the public toilets. The designers have thought of everything for gentlemen by adding a fly. We want a new revolution so that the chicks can finally pee without finding their ass in the air. We are waiting for your proposals.

3. Crop tops

For boomers behind their screen, a crop top is a short t-shirt, revealing the navel. An outfit deemed “non-republican” in schools by a certain Jean-Michel Blanquer, but that’s another debate. Attributed to women for years, Johnny Depp had been the precursor of his rocking into the mix, wearing it from the 80s. Same thing in the 90s, with basketball player Dennis Rodman. Today, the piece, worn by men, is joining more and more fashion shows. We saw it in particular on the side of Balenciaga, during the Fall 2022 fashion show.

4. Underwear

String and tanga for men already existed, but Rihanna has just broken the codes a little more with her new line of men’s lingerie. And we’re not talking about cotton boxer shorts here. This is a collection of underwear in lace, fishnet, colorful and sexy, designed for men.

Satin boxers, crop top and lace tank top, available in sizes up to triple XL. A totally inclusive collection, promoting positivity and self-acceptance. We say YES.

5. Nail polish

A trend that has exploded in recent months. American rapper Asap Rocky, in an interview with Vogue, said that “men should be able to do nail art without feeling feminine. “In the 1990s, big names in the music scene, like Kurt Cobain or Johnny Depp were already wearing colored nails.

On the web, more and more people are following the movement launched by Marc Jacobs in 2016. He had, on his Instagram account, posted a photo of him and his boyfriend, purple varnish on his finger. In caption: “our MANicures”. Since then, under the hashtag #Malepolish, publications of male manicures have multiplied. And democratize.

6. Heels

And there too, it is only a return and not a novelty. Already in the 5th century, men wore heels. A fashion that exploded in the 16th century, especially in the Persian and Asian cavalry, then on the side of French royalty.

Heels, and boots in particular, are making a comeback for men. Christian Louboutin also released a capsule collection “Our Angels” last October, made up of these shoes.

7. Makeup

The makeup market for men is booming! According to a Reporlinker study, the annual growth of men’s skincare is estimated at 8.5% between 2020 and 2026.

In 2019, Givenchy and Chanel also launched men’s makeup lines. Among the products: foundations, hydration products for the lips and what to define his eyebrows.

Today, and especially on social networks, make up tutorials for men are multiplying. I let you observe the beauty of those made by the make-up artist Nicolas Denoun, for example. I want lessons, please.

8. Handbags

Exit briefcases, bananas and bags. Men also have the right to fall in love with handbags, shoulder bags, clutches or bucket bags, whatever. Social networks play, here too, a damn positive role in the collapse of this border between bags of guys and bags of girls.

Ladies, the times are over, you no longer have to carry your boyfriend’s things in your bag. Gentlemen, the times are over, go out, buy bags, assume, it’s so hot. And in addition, it gives us more accessories to sting you.

Small bonus point: will this revolution mark the end of fuck-in-town? Just for the name given to these ugly saddlebags, I wish it from the bottom of my soul.

9. Lace

As well as mesh knits (openwork tops, revealing the skin). Once again, it is enough to go back a little in the history of fashion, to realize that in the past, lace and embroidery were not gendered. In the 18th century, men and women wore them. On the men’s side: mainly on leotards and jackets.

Today, lace is making a strong comeback in men’s fashion shows. In 2017, Burberry displays shirts, sweatshirts or suits adorned with lace, thus displaying the desire to merge “masculine” and “feminine” lines.

10. The wedding dress

Good, so there ok, it hasn’t been greatly democratized yet. But in 2018, the Thom Browne brand marks its parade with a men’s collection, composed only of pieces normally intended for women. The highlight of the show: a wedding dress-costume, for men. A choice assumed by the brand, to symbolize in particular the fusion of masculine and feminine genders.

To all the girls who want to get married in costume, you too have the right! It’s your day, damn it. If it bothers your guests, then cross them off the list. More buffet, less hassle: what else?

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