Top 10 fashionable old activities among young people, we are in bad shape

If you like to take your time at the supermarket when everyone is in a hurry, you often come home from a party at 11 p.m. and you find that there is nothing good left on Netflix, you have to get used to the idea: you are getting old. So, you indulge in new activities; stuff you never thought you’d do before retirement. However, you’re still young and that’s what’s a bit scary. Soon, students will be hanging ugly plates on the walls of their living rooms and we can’t say we didn’t see it coming…

1. Nordic walking on Sunday

When you can’t put one foot in front of the other without the help of a stick, you’re old. Except for Nordic walking apparently, since many young people are starting to find it super fun to walk intensely in the forest. How about we sit down and drink Coke while playing cards instead?

2. Make anti-stress coloring pages

Originally, coloring was a thing for children. As their drawings were too ugly, we thought it would be better to make it easier for them (and very often, they are not even able to color without going beyond these bolosses). Then, the old people appropriated the niche by spending days coloring in ugly mandalas. Today, everyone loves coloring and felt-tip sellers are filling their pockets.

3. Spend hours in front of a puzzle

The puzzle is an activity suitable for old people because it does not require any speed and a level of dexterity more than reasonable. It’s long, it’s boring and you want to give up every 20 minutes, but there are still young people who love it. As long as they don’t hang it in the toilet once the puzzle is complete…

4. Indulge in the joys of scrapbooking

Cutting things out to stick them on elsewhere with small annotations, what could be longer and boring? The idea is laudable: it’s nice to create an album of memories. But putting all your photos on Insta is easier.

5. Rack your brains at Scrabble

Since we apparently don’t have enough means to entertain ourselves, there are young people who start playing Scrabble. Ultimately, why not. But to make the concept even less fun, they play Scrabble online. And obviously, they play against random opponents who are… old people. The clash of generations.

Top 10 fashionable old activities among young people, we are in bad shape

6. Knit in front of a series

Knitting has the merit of being a useful activity if not fun at all: we get a little free sweater at the end. But you still have to be damn motivated to spend hours tangling woolen threads. So as not to get too pissed off, the young people who knit do it in front of Netflix, but in truth, it doesn’t change too much from the old people who do it in front of The Fires of Love.

7. Take care of your vegetable garden

Since some young people can no longer wait for retirement, they decide to leave the cities and move to the countryside to raise chickens and cultivate a vegetable garden. What will be left for young people if all their favorite activities are stolen from them?

8. Observe the neighborhood at his window by criticizing passers-by

During the confinement, we really had nothing to do. After spending weeks watching series, baking bread, reading books and watering plants, we were really starting to despair. So we started doing like the old folks: watching what’s happening in the street and judging everyone. And honestly, it’s true that it’s quite fun.

9. Wear corduroy

It’s been a long time since corduroy came back into fashion and we don’t want it to disappear anymore. It’s very soft, it keeps you warm, it’s loose just right and it brings us closer to retirement. What more ?

10. Vote Right

It would be nice to calm down a bit on that side though…

If you hate intense fun and extreme activities, you’re the type to enjoy indoor creative hobbies. Congratulations, you are already old! And the worst part is that you’re proud of it.

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