Top 10 Fascinating Historical Comparisons You’ll Say “Wow”

If we compare a guy from today with another pelo from 3000 years ago, inevitably there will be some big differences: the guy won’t even know the Angels from reality TV and he will never have driven a Clio of his life. But something tells me that kind of comparison won’t knock you off your chair. So, here are other slightly crazier historical comparisons that will make you HAL-LU-CI-NER. Be prepared to take 3 days off to recover.

1. In the United States there were more deaths from Covid than soldiers killed during the Second World War

In the States, there are more than 419,000 Covid deaths, while 416,800 American soldiers died during the Second World War. The only positive thing in all this (apart from the sick) is that the Nazis are being screwed by a very small virus. In your face Hitler.

2. The revolt of An Lushan (755-763) caused 3 times more deaths than the First World War

The An Lushan uprising is the biggest civil war in China’s history. We never talk about it at school, but it caused 36 million deaths compared to 10 million for the 14-18 war. Afterwards, we already learn a lot of stuff at school so we may not start to bother with civil wars at the end of the world that date back to the 8th century.

Top 10 fascinating historical comparisons you'll say "wow"

3. Cleopatra is closer to the iPhone than the Pyramid of Cheops

A great classic that still has its small effect: the Pyramid of Cheops is 2560 BC. Cleopatra is between 69 and 30 BC, and the iPhone is 2007. And Cleopatra glue smells good, even if it has nothing to do with it.

Top 10 fascinating historical comparisons you'll say "wow"

4. If you made $5,000 a day since Columbus discovered America in 1492, you would have made less money than Bezos in a week

Don’t force me to explain the math but take my word for it. Anyway, assume that you will never be as rich as Jeff Bezos, it will help you to be happier in life

Top 10 fascinating historical comparisons you'll say "wow"

5. The oldest shark in the world knew Louis XIV

The oldest specimen is said to be a female Greenland shark around 400 years old. Suddenly, even if she never squeezed the Sun King, she lived at the same time. When the United States did not yet exist. The good old times.

The oldest shark in the world is a female, she would live in the icy waters of the Arctic and would have known the Sun King…. Discover the longevity of the Greenland Shark.

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6. In -8000 there were as many people on Earth as in Norway today

There were about 5 million people on Earth. When you wanted to ring your neighbor’s doorbell to ask him for salt, you had to do 500 terminals. You really shouldn’t be afraid of loneliness.

Top 10 fascinating historical comparisons you'll say "wow"

7. The reign of Louis XIV was longer than the existence of the Soviet Union

The USSR is 69 years old. The reign of Loulou 14 is 72 years. It’s a bit of a shame to have created a federal state that has been bent by a 17th century grandpa.

Top 10 fascinating historical comparisons you'll say "wow"

8. Heart transplants, pacemakers and the Concorde were already around when the last clash between Native Americans and the US government took place.

In 1973, 200 Sioux occupied the town of Wounded Knee in the heart of an Indian reservation. They held a siege for 71 days before being busted out by the FBI. There were 2 deaths and this is the last time we saw a conflict between the Native Americans and the settlers. Finally it was not so far.

9. The car was invented before the French Revolution

The first prototype dates from 1769. Suffice to say that security level was not fun, but it was still safer than going under the guillotine. Which is quite logical after all.

Top 10 fascinating historical comparisons you'll say "wow"

10. The first flamethrower was created before Epicurus was born

However, the philosopher of ancient Greece is not very recent either, since he lived between 342 and 270 BC. But the first flamethrower dates from the Peloponnesian War (around 430-400 BC): the Greeks had built a system that allowed flames to be thrown at the boats of… other Greeks. Yes, they were fighting among themselves at the time.

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