Top 10 fans who are too much of a fan, and who are scary

When Pascal Obispo sang his famous song “Fan” a few years ago, he was not entirely wrong. Well he wasn’t quite right either you’re going to tell me, which I have nothing to answer except that I didn’t really have an angle to attack this introduction and what to talk about Pascal Obispo seemed like a good way to get out of such a situation. Now that I’ve been honest with you, I might as well tackle the subject of the day, namely the fans who are a little too fanatic, those who are sometimes a little scary.

1. The fan who spent $25,000 on cosmetic surgery to look like Jennifer Lawrence

Generally speaking, wanting to physically look like a person is a bit scary, but when it starts to involve plastic surgery it gets more serious. In addition to this young woman who wanted to look like Jennifer Lawrence, there is also a man who spent $150,000 to look like Kim Kardashian. Spoiler: he doesn’t really look like him.

2. The fan who had no answers from Justin Bieber and hired people to castrate him

When he had no replies from Justin Bieber to his messages, an American fan decided to do what any person would do: hire two hitmen to castrate him. Fortunately the police arrested the two men quickly as well as the fan in question, because it’s not easy to want to castrate someone who didn’t ask for it.

3. The fans who beat up a guy outside a movie theater before going to see “Avengers: Endgame”

Getting spoiled is boring, but getting spoiled in front of the cinema just before going to see a movie is even worse. In Hong Kong, a person paid the price: while she was having fun spoiling people who entered the cinema, she came across a group of people who weren’t really funny. Result the spoiler got beat up and will probably not start his little joke again.

4. The fan who abandoned a baby outside his idol Dolly Parton’s house

One amazing day singer Dolly Parton found a baby on her doorstep with a letter that said the parents were fans and the baby girl was named Jolene (the name of a song of the artist) and that therefore she had to raise it. Obviously the singer appealed to social services to take care of the little girl because it was completely abused as an idea.

5. A fan will miss the birth of his son to see “The Batman” on the day of its release

An American woman posted on the internet to find out if she was right to resent her husband who plans to miss the birth of his child to go see the film The Batman the day of its release so as not to catch any spoilers. One could be tempted to say that the answer is obviously yes and that she is right to blame him, but at the same time he has done nothing for him this kid as far as I know.

6. The fan who voluntarily broke her leg to be like Jessie J

There are people who want to look like their idols so badly that they’re ready for anything, like really anything. When the singer Jessie J had accidentally broken his leg, a fan sent him a photo of his cast, telling him that she had voluntarily broken hers to do like her. CREEPY.

7. Fans who name their kids after characters from movies and TV shows

It’s good to like works, but to go from there to giving a first name inspired by a series to your kid to show that you are a fan, a real one, is a bit exaggerated. That’s why a lot of fans in the United States yelled because they called their daughters Daenerys before realizing that she ended up becoming a bully. Usually we say “sheh” at such times.

8. The fan who spent $200,000 to fill his house with Star Wars items

If there is a community of fans that should not be upset, it is that of Star Wars, these people quickly take the fly and do not accept too much criticism. But who among them can stand up and say “I’m more of a fan than that guy who spent $200,000 on movie merchandise to decorate his house? ” Anybody. That’s a real thing.

9. The fan who went to see Kaamelott 200 times

Breaking a record in your life is a tick box, at least for me it’s a project I’m working on, hoping to make the biggest ski jump over cassoulet dishes in the world. A young man has broken the record for the highest number of cinema sessions viewed for the same film with Kaamelottclearly a sign that he was too fan of Kaamelott, and to see more than 200 times any film is a blow to lose the reason, fan or not should not do that.

10. The woman who changed her name to “Madame Kanye West”

A woman wanted to be Mrs. Kanye West so badly that she decided to have her name legally changed as such. So it doesn’t change the fact that she’s not married to the artist, but at least she can introduce herself by saying she’s Mrs. Kanye West and it’s still classy. Well no, once again it’s just creepy.

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