Top 10 fans of stars who are very very stupid anyway, we must stop abusing

I may be a fan of Desperate Housewives, but the only slightly wacky thing I could do was to roll a shovel at Mike’s poster. Yes, well listen, we all do weird things when we are 10 years old. Other people do downright more abused things with their idols (besides the worst fan gifts received by stars). And when I say worse, you’re not ready: we’re on really big-headed people who almost freak us out.

1. The fans who stole the bench Harry Styles and his sister sat on for a Vogue photoshoot

One day, Harry Styles had the misfortune to put his ass on a bench with his sister to take pictures for Vogue magazine. Very badly took it because a few days later, the bench had disappeared, stolen by fans of wood (obviously not). And how do we admire the fields now, huh?

2. The fan who bought a used Scarlett Johansson handkerchief for $5,300

One day, Scarlett Johansson fell ill. A little drunk from sniffling, she decided to blow her nose. Neither one nor two, the host of “The Tonight Show”, Jay Leno, who received her to promote the film Vicky, picks up the precious paper full of snot and asks Scarlett to sign it. And hop, here is the small handkerchief sold at auction for $5,300, for the benefit of a charity association. Well, the goal is laudable. But I wonder if whoever bought the handkerchief bragged about catching Scarlett Johansson’s cold afterwards. Mystery to be solved.

3. The fan who stole Liam Payne’s boxers from his hotel room

In 2019, the former member of One Direction said that one evening, while he was in Australia, oiling in the bed of his hotel room, a fan had come out from behind the curtain after he heard him whisper, and had stolen his calbar as he passed. She had climbed the facade and nicked her panties which were quietly drying. The star also said that the next day, this same fan proudly wore her underwear on her, over her jeans. It is a style after all.

4. The fan who collected Britney Spears’ pregnancy test

In 2005, CNN reported the story of Britney Spears‘ positive pregnancy test, which was stolen from the trash can of a Los Angeles hotel by a fan. Listed on eBay, it was purchased for $5,000 by the Golden Palace online casino. To do what ? That’s a pretty dumb question that I don’t have the answer to.

5. The Kylie Jenner fan who got her cosmetics line tattooed

If you had run out of ideas for your new tattoos, consider looking at the latest creations from your favorite stars. That’s what a Kylie Jenner fan did when she released her line of beauty products. Johnny Cyrus got a tattoo of Kylie Jenner’s lips, her favorite lip glosses, her initial with a crown, and the color range of lip glosses on her body. It is a concept.

6. The fan who bought Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s breath in a jar

In the old days, when Brangelina was still the world’s goal couple, a man bought a jar of air that “may have been in contact” with the two stars, for $523 on eBay. Better than canned farts, I tell you.

7. The Jessie J fan who broke his leg because the star was in a cast

No, no, you’re not dreaming, there are people who are ready to do a lot to look like their star. This is the case of a teenager visibly serious touched that the singer Jessie J broke her leg after a fall on stage. Seeing her injured star, she decided to break her leg too and send her a picture of her cast, saying “I’m ready to do anything to look like you…”. As you can imagine, we are still in a somewhat unhealthy relationship of idolatry.

8. The fan with 82 Julia Roberts tattoos

I don’t even have a comment to make, in fact, the photo is sufficient on its own. I would just add that he doesn’t just have tattoos on his upper body, if you know what I’d!

9. The Jerome Flyn fan factor who decided not to talk to him anymore

A fan of Bronn’s Game of Thrones actor didn’t like him shooting Drogon and putting Daenerys in danger. In revenge, this fan, who was also a postman, sent a word to Jerome Flyn. Sacred penalty. It must be nice to deliver parcels.

10. Breaking Bad fans who have been throwing pizzas at the same house for years

So yes, indeed, here we are not talking about a person but a series, but as the info is quite incredible, we could not miss it. Since the release of the second season of Breaking Bad, where we see Walter White throwing a pizza on the roof of his barrack, many fans have said that it would be funny to do the same thing, in pilgrimage mode. The problem is that this house is actually that of a little lady who is so sick of having Margheritas on her roof. And frankly, we get it. Stop fake pizza makers.

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