Top 10 Famous People Who Told Big Lies About Their Lives

We often think, wrongly, that celebrities are special beings, whose daily life has nothing to do with ours. This is not totally false (in the sense that we don’t all have a hairdresser, a stylist and a driver available, that we don’t eat in the same restaurants and that we don’t dress in same shops), but that’s not entirely true either! The stars remain humans who, like us, have problems, urges to urinate, food needs, emotions, and who sometimes even… Deliberately lie!! Eulololololo, that’s not good at all!

1. Angelina Jolie, “I have Native American ancestry”

The actress revealed to Inside the Actor’s Studio that her mother is part Iroquois (see the video below, at around 2:45). The Iroquois being a group of indigenous peoples of North America, this statement gave the actress Native American origins. Eventually, her father revealed that it was a lie he and his wife had concocted, to make their daughter seem more “exotic”. Really not super healthy as movement.

2. Diana Ross, “My daughter’s father? My husband!”

When her daughter Rhonda was born, Diana listed her husband Robert Silberstein as the father of her child. But now, when the teenager was 13, her mother finally confessed to her that her biological father was in fact Berry Gordy, legendary boss of Motown, and mentor of the singer. Thanks Trauma!

3. J-Lo, “I’m a 1970’s babyyy”

Jennifer Lopez claimed to be born in 1970. When in 2001, she was arrested with her ex (Puff Daddy), the truth came to light! The police revealed that she was actually born in… 1969. Goaaaa it was just a little lie. In any case, she would tell us that she is 30 years old, we would be able to believe her, this queen. (Hey, she’s really not the only star who lied about her age, huh!)

Top 10 Famous People Who Told Big Lies About Their
Photo credits (CC BY 2.0): Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from Washington DC, United States

4. Jack and Meg White, “Yeah we’re brother and sister, we love each other, it’s family”

…While in fact, the White Stripes… They were in love (and even married), oulouloulouuuu! For years, though, they kind of acted like family, just to be quiet and not distract from their music. When the group became successful, the two musicians were already divorced. So they were ex-weds who said they were brothers and sisters. Creepy level, we are good there. (Source)

5. Jessie Smollett, “I got mugged by homophobes.”

January 2019, the star of Empire made the front page of all the newspapers, following a physical attack at the foot of his building in Chicago. He says that two men attacked him and uttered racist and homophobic insults to him, before pouring a substance on him, then tying a rope around his neck. A month later, however, he was charged with disturbing public order and filing a false police report. He is suspected of having paid his “attackers” to stage the attack. In March 2022, he was finally sentenced to five months in prison for having staged his own assault.

6. Lance Armstrong, “Nope, no doping for me”

Lance Armstrong has long been considered the greatest professional cyclist in history, with seven consecutive Tour de France victories. When suspicions of doping began to hover around the sportsman, he denied it altogether. And he didn’t let go. For nearly 15 years, he denied the charges. However, in 2020, he ended up admitting to having doped throughout his career, from his first season as a professional (1992).

7. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, “No Sex Before Marriage”

You probably don’t know a lot about Britney Spears, but not this. Our star at all (yes), had proclaimed in all the newspapers and on all the TVs, that she would keep her virginity until marriage. But oupsie, after two years of relationship with Justin Timberlake, the plan falls through. They keep it a secret (because in the end, it’s only their business, huh!), but this little fgkhdfgjkdfhgosqkejf Justin throws everything at the media at their breakups, after releasing a song to drag it through the mud. It’s ugly Justin. It’s very ugly.

8. Justin Bieber, “Yeah yeah they stole my computer”

In 2012, Justin posted a message on Twitter, telling his followers that several of his personal effects had been stolen from him the day before, during a concert, and that among them were his computer and his camera. A few hours later, he explains that the “thief” wants to blackmail him, and threatens to publish photos of him, naked. We were just starting to feel sorry for him, BUT NO! He just made fun of us and made this whole thing up for a good publicity stunt. Great. Cheer. I hope you’re proud of yourself, Justin.

9. Beyoncé, “Yeah yeah I write my songs, yeah”

In 2008, Queen B did not hesitate for a single microsecond to claim all the credit for the lyrics of her single “Irreplaceable”. In reality, she had mainly done the background harmonies. The rest was Ne-Yo.

10. Kylie Jenner, “But nah I didn’t redo my lips, naaan”

For years, the American reality star insisted that NO, she had never had lip injections, and that the “pulpy” look of her mouth was simply due to a make-up technique . Finally, in 2015, in an episode of ” Keeping up with the Kardashians “, she admits to having made temporary injections. Frankly, we still had a big doubt.

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