Top 10 famous musicians who don’t play that well

Yes, I know, an article to talk about musicians who lack talent, it’s an open door to “But who are you to judge them? »them “we would like to see you there” and the “you can express yourself when you have had a tenth of their career”, and I completely understand you. But, in the same way that everyone has the right to give their opinion on Mbappé’s matches, Jean-Paul Gaultier’s parades or Roger’s pizzas (my local pizza maker who is not even Italian), we can also criticize the lack of talent of recognized musicians. The debates remain open (and that’s what’s beautiful).

1. Sid Vicious wasn’t great on bass

The totally screwed-up Sex Pistols bassist who died of an overdose at just 21 (that sets the scene) was a complete bass bass player. One day, he went to find Lemmy, the legendary bassist of Motörhead, to ask him to give him lessons, and when Lemmy recounted this episode, his opinion was clear: “Sid Vicious lived in my apartment for a few months and I tried to teach him bass but it was hopeless. » Hard hard.

2. Freddie Mercury only knew 3 guitar chords

Attention eh, I remind you, the goal here is not at all to denigrate: I myself devote a cult to good old Freddie, who is one of the best singers in the history of rock, and probably the most charismatic of all. But sometimes, in concert, the leader of Queen would pick up a guitar and announce to the crowd: “that shit won’t play the chords I want to play” or “I only know 3 guitar chords, and you’re going to hear two of them in the next song”. At least he was lucid.

3. Yoko Ono was musical hell

We know Yoko Ono above all for having been in a relationship with John Lennon, but she also had a career as a “musician”. Yeah, I’m going to put quotes, because she was mostly just messing around and screaming (listen to her albums, if you can get to the end of any of them, then I sincerely congratulate you). An amusing illustration of her lack of musical talent is when she became embedded in the group in charge of accompanying a duet between Lennon and Chuck Berry: we can hear Yoko utter one of her weird cries and see the reaction of Chuck Berry, shocked, speaks for itself. In the rest of the song, Yoko continues to try to shout, but the sound engineer had the good idea to cut his microphone to avoid disaster. And everyone thanks this shadow hero.

4. Don’t put a guitar in your hands DJ Khaled

At the risk of repeating myself, the goal is not to question the talent of DJ Khaled, who is a world-renowned producer and DJ. On the other hand, good DJ as he is, DJ Khaled is apparently not a musician, let alone a guitarist. Just listen to him play in the following video to appreciate the massacre. Poor abused guitar.

5. Meg White wasn’t exactly a killer drummer.

The White Stripes drummer, who quit her duet career with her ex-husband because she was way too stressed on stage, has often been mocked for her drumming. It must be said that she did neither in finesse nor in technique. Meg White confined herself to basic rhythms, the ones you learn when you take your first drum lessons. It certainly did the job, especially because Jack White’s riffs were great, but it was far from madness. Small example on this live where the drums are not square at all.

6. Fieldy, KoRn’s bass player, is known to be a bad bass player.

Well, let’s hear it again, far be it from me to say that the guy doesn’t deserve his career or that he doesn’t know how to play at all. But even KoRn fans agree: Fieldy is far from being a big four-string guitar crack. Basically, according to many, he just tunes his bass very low and slaps on it, limiting more percussion than bass. For others, who prefer to defend poor Fieldy, it’s simply a style (which is true by the way). What is certain is that the guy does not shine with his virtuosity, but he does the job.

7. Lil Wayne and the guitar, that’s two

Legendary rapper, Lil Wayne tried his hand at rock in 2010 with the album Rebirth. The opus was simply smashed by critics, in particular for its abuse of auto-tune (because the rapper was not a very good singer and was not badly assisted by sound engineers). But it’s especially when you see Lil Waine live, a guitar in his hands, that you realize the extent of the disaster. Traveling to new lands is good, but sometimes it’s better to stick to what you know how to do best. In this case, rapping.

8. The Stooges’ Ron Asheton had to drop his guitar to pick up the bass.

We arrive at this moment of the top where bad faith and the art of nitpicking will take over. Because yes, if we are looking for the little beast, we can say that Ron Asheton on guitar, it was not great. The guy had a disgusting sound based on a wah pedal coupled with very filthy distortion and did not shine with his technique. Afterwards, it was also what made his identity, so we can’t beat him too much. Anyway, in 1972, Ron Asheton was humiliated by Iggy Pop who forced him out of the band and then took it over on the condition that he switch to bass and leave the guitar to James. Williamson. For a zikos, it hurts a lot.

9. Bob Dylan in concert is simply a purge

Ouch ouch ouch, attacking Bob Dylan, if that’s not an affront. The guy is a genius, and everything he touches becomes gold (he still nabbed a Nobel Prize for Literature, the bugger). But, there is a but. The Bob is aging badly, and all those who have seen his last concerts in France will tell you: the myth has collapsed, and the singer croaks more than he sings now. It’s sad, but at some point you have to stop touring to limit damage. You could say the same thing about Renaud, but Renaud has never been good.

10. Vianney can’t even play the harp


(Yes, we can also say anything to this top)

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