Top 10 extinct animals that were still super stylish

It’s usually not a good idea to look at life in the rear view mirror, but sometimes you also have to be able to visualize what has come before you to know where you are going. I paraphrase Gandalf and you saw nothing. The question of knowing which were the really stylish extinct species obviously arises because we can quite rightly wonder which fantastic animals we would have had the chance to come across if we had lived at certain times, these legendary pokemons of ours that we will never again have the chance to touch, tame or eat like these animal species that have disappeared because of man.

1. The saber-toothed tiger

Also called the Smilodon, this noble animal had silky yet coarse coats and teeth long enough to open tin cans. He would have lived for a period extending between 10,000 years ago and 2.5 million years ago, so no regrets not having met him since it’s been a while. You see him in this image claiming the corpse of a fat pig, his favorite pastime. The class.

2. Mammoth

In short, he’s a much bigger and hairier elephant, the equivalent of my uncle compared to me. It is estimated that the last representatives of these proud creatures died out 15,000 years ago, which is perhaps better for them since humans would probably have launched a fashion for mammoth fur coats if they still existed.

3. Sleep

A kind of cute big chicken that was literally decimated by the men who arrived in Mauritius because they weren’t at all afraid of predators. Sad story because they looked not only cute, but also ridiculously friendly. Combat level on the other hand they seemed really nullos.

4. Thylacine

This marsupial wolf (mammal whose offspring first develops as larvae, it’s pretty ugly) was the perfect mix between a wolf whose size he had and a tiger whose coat he had. He was a lone hunter who could still knock a kangaroo off you, so you shouldn’t bother him too much. Anyway, that was before the species died out because of hunting, luckily they were well regulated with their little mouths to these dangerous animals.

5. The Great Penguin

What is sad about the great auk is that there were laws to try to save it, so hunting had become important and its numbers were rapidly decreasing. But it didn’t change anything. This beautiful bird whose size could reach 85 centimeters was an excellent swimmer and fisherman, he would probably have made everyone miserable at the Olympic Games, but unfortunately we will never know.

6. The auroch

The king of cattle, bigger, stronger, stronger. A kind of big beef that can reach 1000 kilos that shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. Scientists can’t quite decide on a definitive size since complete skeletons are rare, but some argue that it could measure up to two meters at the withers, which is starting to make a beautiful beast. It was a peaceful animal, but which did not hesitate to smash the wolf the weekend for the sport.

7. The Golden Toad

Kind of golden snitch, but as a toad, the Incilius periglenes of its nickname was a pretty toad all golden for the male and green with yellow spots for the female. It is thought to have lived most of its life underground as it was rarely seen and only during the breeding season. It is estimated that the species has been extinct since 1989 due to global warming, although there are still some people who believe it is an invention of environmentalists (global warming, not the golden toad).

8. The Sea Cow

We call her Rhytine de Steller, or rather we called her because she disappeared in barely 27 years because she was so friendly and approached hunters wanting to have fun with them. Well, the hunters’ project was not the same since they simply killed them to recover their fat and their milk. It could be up to eight meters long anyway, so it was an imposing, but friendly creature.

9. The Red Fruit Bat

We don’t call it a bat anymore, but a flying fox at this size, and that alone is classy. It was found in Reunion and Mauritius and it fed on fruits by living mainly in the trunks of hollow trees. A beautiful beast that unfortunately has been a victim of deforestation. It could reach the size of 18 meters long and it could be used as a means of transport, it is the ancestor of airplanes. This last sentence is obviously wrong.

10. The pachylemur

Deemed “the classiest animal when it eats, but it doesn’t look comfortable,” the pachylemur is one of many lemur subspecies to become extinct. Its multicolored dress made it possible to differentiate it from its many cousins, but that was obviously before all the specimens died. Super agile and very handsome, he was a kind of lemur version of Tom Holland.

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