Top 10 excuses for refusing to babysit your friends’ kids

Your friends made a big mistake. They gave birth. You might tell them it would be a bad idea, encourage them to reconsider their decision but nothing to do they went to the end of their parental project. You even had to give them a birth gift against your will. Okay so now the damage is done, you’re pretty sure they won’t return it and that’s their problem. The problem with their problem is that it will quickly become your problem when your bastard friends ask you to keep this snot-filled offspring, supposedly because they haven’t been out of their house for 6 months and that they would like to go to the cinema, these big egoists! Fortunately, we are here to help you fight against this scourge.

1. “I can’t, I already have other children to look after”

The only way to deal with the worst is to point out that you yourself are exposed to the worst. In addition, we will say that you are really a good person who has the courage to help other friends by babysitting their children and that suddenly we can count on you. For the sake of credibility, however, it is advisable to really have other children to look after to make sure your lie works. So remember to have children on hand that you can babysit at short notice so that you can refuse the other babysitting that you will be offered. COMMON SENSE.

Top 10 excuses for refusing to babysit your friends' kids

2. “I can’t, I have a cat with coronavirus”

Normally you can start just by saying that you have a cat. If the child to be cared for is less than two years old, this can be a source of concern. If however the cat is not enough, you can specify that he has the coronavirus, it is totally in tune with the times (even if until proven otherwise, the coronavirus is not transmitted to cats). If that doesn’t work either, you can always say you have coronavirus or rabies.

3. “You won’t believe this, I just got chickenpox”

Please note that you can only use this excuse once.

4. “Yes of course, I can keep your newborn baby, on the other hand we agree it does not matter if I smoke and that I invite 4, 5 friends to drink shots at my house? He is how about space cookies, it goes into his diet?”

If this excuse is not enough to convince young parents, you can report them to social services and offer to adopt their child. That way, after that, they’ll have to watch your child and they’ll be happy.

5. “At worst if I don’t make it I can always leave it to my neighbor, so don’t worry”

Subtlety of the excuse that makes you accept the task but assume that you are absolutely not capable of it. What is necessary is that we have no possibility of trusting you.

6. “The only thing is right now I’m in jail…”

Be careful because some prisons offer spaces equipped for visits. If your friends are really in trouble, they may insist anyway.

7. Answering machine: “Hello, you are on Louise’s voicemail, unfortunately I moved to Ukraine and will therefore not be reachable for the next 8 years, but you can always leave a message after the beep”

Good afterwards, you have to think about going to live for eight years in Ukraine when it’s really not the country where you want to go and live for eight years at the moment.

8. Telephone answering machine: “Hello, you are on Louise’s voicemail, unfortunately, she left us recently and will therefore not be able to babysit your children if that was the subject of your call”

Good afterwards, you have to think about dying.

9. “Sorry but your kids are ugly, they disgust me.”

It’s violent, it’s tough, it’s merciless, but it might be the best way to get rid of this mess while speaking a truth that your friends don’t want to face. Even if between us, it represents a lot of advantages to have an ugly baby.

10. “Okay, but am I allowed to take a naked shower with them?”

Pfft. While we know very well that children always take baths, it’s really nonsense.

People who have children really only think about themselves.

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