Top 10 Evidence That Ghosts Exist, Too Much Supernatural In This World

Most people don’t believe in spirits and ghosts and all that supernatural stuff and I think they’re very wrong. No kidding, there are signs that don’t lie; For hundreds of years we have been trying to find scientific explanations for certain events without success. I think it’s time to accept that souls of deceased people live among us.

1. When you get goosebumps for no reason

An urban legend says that when you suddenly get goosebumps when you’re not cold or scared, it means a ghost is passing by. You don’t believe it? So explain to us why you have goosebumps, right now… (It is possible that this top is haunted, be careful).

2. Children who have imaginary friends

Having an imaginary friend is quite common among children, but many adults find it downright terrifying. If the imaginary friend is a magical talking unicorn, it’s cute and innocent, but if it’s a little girl in a 19th century dress, it’s downright creepier.

Top 10 evidence that ghosts exist, too much supernatural in this world

3. When you have music in your head that you haven’t heard in months

We all have music in our head that pops up without warning and sometimes we don’t know at all why this particular song sticks in our minds when we haven’t heard it for a very long time. Stranger still, we sometimes realize that we have the same music in mind as another person in the room. In my opinion, the ghosts that haunt the place try to impose their musical tastes on us (and this is sometimes painful).

4. Dogs that suddenly bark when no one is around

Dogs have a much better sense of smell and hearing than humans, but their vision is also better at certain levels: they can detect movements invisible to human eyes. When we have this information, we are entitled to freak out a little when we see dogs barking in the void or staring at walls with a fearful expression.

5. When you are suddenly very cold for no reason

Have you ever had the impression that a current of fresh air runs through your neck when all the windows are closed? If so, you may have crossed paths with a ghost. Admittedly, it’s a bit far-fetched, but there’s no other explanation, so I decided to believe it.

6. When the kids stare at the wall or wave hello

It’s the worst fear of all parents who are a little freaked out by spirits: that moment when your child starts to see people who are not in the room. There are children who say hello in the void, who speak alone or who ask “who is that, mum?” pointing to the wall. Maybe you can see ghosts when you’re a kid and you don’t see them after a certain age.

Top 10 evidence that ghosts exist, too much supernatural in this world

7. Uncomfortable rooms in some homes

There are places that give off bad vibes, that’s obvious. Sometimes there is only one room in a house that everyone avoids because we feel uncomfortable there without really knowing why. In my opinion (I’m a clairvoyant), this necessarily means that souls are stuck there and haunt the living who venture there.

Top 10 evidence that ghosts exist, too much supernatural in this world

8. The strange coincidences linked to people who died a very long time ago

You must have already heard a story of coincidence that was a little too perfect, a little like the kid from Sixth Sense who sends messages to his mother on behalf of the deceased grandmother. The child does not realize that he is dropping a bomb and the adult who receives it is completely disturbed. More proof that spirits communicate with children.

9. Sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis is a sleep disorder that creates a decrease in muscle tone and therefore prevents movement during this very short period between sleep and wakefulness. Some people prone to these paralysis have explained that the environment plays a lot: the paralysis sometimes stops by sleeping elsewhere. What if it was the spirits that caused this trouble? Objectively, that makes perfect sense to me. Yes Yes.

10. The fact that no one is comfortable with Ouija boards

Spiritualism is something that makes everyone a little uncomfortable. Even people who smirk that ghosts don’t exist and Ouija boards are rip-offs are less clever when trying to summon a spirit and the lights suddenly go out. However, the ghosts may be super happy to finally be able to communicate with us, they surely have a lot of things to tell us.

Top 10 evidence that ghosts exist, too much supernatural in this world

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