Top 10 Evidence Dolphins Are (Ruthless) Puffs

There are things that annoy me too much in life, such as witnessing an injustice without being able to intervene, or even forgetting to take spare socks when I go to the gym and putting on my warm, damp socks when I have took a shower. Apart from these two things, almost nothing annoys me. Except the dolphins. Yes at the same time, logical otherwise I wouldn’t have made a top of it. Fed up with this unhealthy passion for this animal.

1. They bite children

If this video is not convincing enough for you, you will find plenty of others on the web. So yes they are enclosed in tiny basins, yes they are reduced to accepting the crumbs of food thrown by the kids, but that’s no reason to bite them. Perhaps we should learn to communicate before immediately resorting to violence.

How far will we let them go to rot the lives of our descendants?

2. They rape people

Do you remember this terrible dolphin very excited of the bottom which traumatized the coast of Finistère… No but where are we?

When will we finally be able to lift the veil on all the unsaid surrounding this species?

3. They are big pushers with females

Apart from the fact that some dolphins try to hit humans (without their consent I remind you) know that even in the community of dolphins they are not better. Biologist Richard Conor has shown that males develop strategies to “sequester” females alone for a certain time during which all the males can have fun (yes I’m talking about mating).

When will there be a hashtag to denounce the violence against the dolphins?

4. They are rotten parents

If at this stage of the top you still doubted that the dolphins were fdp, know that on top of all that, they shamelessly kill their children. These infanticides most often serve to force the mother to renew her cycle in order to mate with her again.

Can we know what maritime family planning does?

5. They bully other species

I’m not going to lie to you, I’m only half surprised. Imagine that dolphins like to eat other animals like porpoises. For this they attack these poor beasts for no reason and manage to drown them.

Can we know what the police are doing?


6. They Served Armies

A beluga was discovered in Norway in 2019 with a harness, which suggested that it belonged to the Russian army, a practice that has already been observed in the past. The dolphins being particularly hostile with the rest of the world were able to deposit without any case of conscience mines in the seabed. Or to fish them out, I don’t know. In any case, the guys never asked the question of the problem of morality that this posed. Crazy…

7. They play with their food, these big bad guys

And that I throw you my food still alive in the air, and that I play with… If only they set the table before doing their bullshit, but nothing. Nothing at all.

8. They teach each other how to hunt

So in addition to being completely in the process of turning towards delinquency, they drag their fellows with them. It is shameful.

9. They also bully people on paddleboards like big scum

I don’t know the paddleboarding man in the video but he certainly could have had a Nobel Peace Prize or discovered a cancer vaccine… But that… Dolphins don’t care.

10. They know how to use tools to kill fish

It’s not really an argument to hate them but rather a reason to fear these big puffs who would almost have the nerve to be smarter than us. Thus, it was discovered in the 80s in Australia that some dolphins had the good idea to have a kind of sponge on their nose in order to protect themselves from corals.

And you, are you ready to welcome dolphins to your Bricomarché?

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