Top 10 Evidence Babies Have Superpowers, Diaper Heroes

Babies are cute. It’s a fact, it’s proven, it’s general truth. It’s cute, except when it’s howling in public places and keeping you awake. But behind their little airs of too cute little cabbage, babies actually have superpowers that they use to dominate the world and enslave you in the greatest secrecy. Investigate these anonymous baby superheroes, who live among us without our realizing it.

1. They don’t cry tears

Like a superhero, a baby never cries. When an unbelievable kid screams to death on the train, he doesn’t cry. He’s just screaming. Finally when they are very young, since the tears come about 6 weeks after birth. And have you ever seen Superman cry?

Top 10 Evidence Babies Have Superpowers Diaper Heroes
Picture credits: Topito

2. They have a different anatomy than ours

All superheroes have an anatomy that is not quite human. Whether they’re Plutonians or just somehow mutated, they’re not quite human. It’s kind of the same with babies. At birth, a baby has no less than 300 bones in the body, while an adult has 206. Thereafter, these bones weld together to form the skeleton that we know.

3. They can swallow and breathe at the same time

Until the age of 7 months, babies can both breathe and swallow stuff. This characteristic has several advantages, such as being able to eat while doing intense physical effort or being able to compete in buttocks without having to catch your breath.

4. They have superhuman strength

Babies possess incredible strength for their small bodies. They tend to cling to anything, but what’s amazing is that their strength allows them to support their entire body weight with their tiny hands.

5. They grow super fast

A baby grows really fast. He doubles his weight in 5 months, and triples it in a year. Stout, and not sure that The Thing or the Incredible Hulk make the weight.

6. They have the same hearing as Superman (proportionally huh)

A baby’s hearing is also one of his most developed senses at birth. They have the same as an adult, which, for their small size, is frankly not bad.

7. They have an overdeveloped taste

Babies at birth have 3 times more taste buds than adults (30,000 versus 10,000). When the taste buds of an adult are distributed only on the tongue, babies also have them on the palate, and on the walls of the mouth. That’s why babies love beef bourguignon so much for breakfast.

8. They have a supernatural connection

Well, they can’t communicate with spirits or aliens, anyway it hasn’t been proven yet, even if we strongly suspect it. But they recognize their mother’s voice and smell from birth, even if they recognize them visually only after several weeks.

9. They have keen eyesight

Let’s get this straight, they’re born nearly blind, but after 6 months, babies’ eyesight usually reaches 20/20, which is pretty darn good. Apparently they could see through walls up to several kilometers away.

10. They are geniuses

Or at least that’s what the size of their brain, abnormally large in proportion to their body, and the weight of a baby’s head, which represents 1/3 of its total weight, suggests. As long as they don’t use this trait to wield evil, that’s fine with us.

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Picture credits: Topito

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