Top 10 everyday objects that have a strange origin, prepare to be shocked

Our daily life is made up of objects that we can’t really do without, such as light bulbs, panini machines or Jean Castex pillows. However, some are not what we thought (like Princess Fiona in Shrek). Some objects have creepy origins, other everyday objects have been hijacked and still others have a strange origin, in the unexpected sense, not in the sleazy sense like your pizza delivery guy who knows your schedules a little too well. gig. Let’s explore, follow me.

1. Kellogg’s cereal was created to stop people from masturbating.

In 1897, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg developed Kellogg’s Cereals, not to satisfy the gourmet palate but to keep people from indulging their sexual urges. It must be said that the guy advised married couples to fuck only once a month and singles to practice abstinence. Among the horrors he subjected his patients to in order not to touch each other (circumcisions without consent, electric shocks to the genitals, use of acid, etc.), the doctor created the famous oat flakes in hoping that they would calm the ardor of some. Think about it the next time you want to make yourself a nice little bowl for a snack.

2. Graham crackers were created to prevent women from becoming “sluts”.

Ah yes, we are on people with a moral to the max in this top. Indeed, Reverend Sylvester Graham created graham crackers to remedy the “carnal urges” that turned men and women away from God. The guy thought that a healthy, tasteless, low-fat and bland diet would keep his followers from impure thoughts. It’s true that when I have a good burger, I really want to get dirty after you.

3. Paintball guns were once used to mark sheep

It all started with an Australian sheep farmer who, in 1980, used an air gun with paint to brand his sheep. Until the day when the workers of this breeder stole the guns for a laugh and aimed at each other with them. The idea appealed to an American who was passing by and he took it home to make a new hobby. Well yes, the Americans would miss more than inventing something themselves lol.

4. High heels were invented to prevent butchers from walking in blood.

Invented at the time of ancient Egypt, heels were used for their practicality because they allowed butchers to avoid having their toes dragging in the blood on the ground. And that, I can tell you, is fun.

5. For 300 years, the chainsaw was used to facilitate childbirth.

Another very nice subject, I hope you have armrests to hang on to. Until the end of the 19th century, medical staff in hospitals (who, it must be said, literally gave a shit about hygiene and anesthesia) frequently used the symphysiotomy. This practice consisted in “enlarging the pelvic diameter of the mother by cutting the pubic bones connected to the front of the pelvis”. And since it wasn’t very practical with a knife, we thought that with a chainsaw, it would go much better. And tadam, here is the modern chainsaw. I feel like driving a rusty stake through my eyes just reading those words.

6. The Fanta was created by the Nazis to compensate for the interruption of the supply of Coca-Cola during the Second World War

Life was not easy easy under the Occupation. And for the Germans of the 3rd Reich, well it wasn’t easy either because they were deprived of Coca-Cola because of the imports of foodstuffs made difficult by…themselves. So in 1941, Max Keith, head of the Coca-Cola Company in Nazi Germany, decided to use the products he had left to create a new drink. And the Fanta was born. Health.

7. The speculum was invented by a misogynistic guy who was experimenting with surgery on female slaves.

We continue in the line of beautiful assholes who invented horrible things that we still use today with the speculum. James Marion Sims, in the mid-18th century, had to care for a woman who had fallen from a horse and replace her womb. To practice, he called on a slave to whom he inserted the handle of a teaspoon into the vagina. And to continue his momentum, he called on other women on whom he practiced gynecological surgeries (he operated on some of them more than 30 times). And that’s how the guy created the object that many girls hate.

8. Kleenex were invented as make-up remover wipes.

World War I soldier Kimberly-Clark Corp invented the beginnings of Kleenex when he returned from the war. Using a material called Cellucotton, he created sheets to make bandages. But in 1924, these same sheets began to be marketed as make-up remover wipes. Until the day the boss of Kimberly-Clark blew his nose in one of the wipes. They then came up with the idea of ​​selling disposable tissues. And since then, I’ve been their most loyal client because I watch way too much It starts today.

9. Superglue was invented to seal soldiers’ wounds.

During the Vietnam War, American doctors began using cyano glue, today’s superglue, to seal the wounds of their injured patients and prevent infections. The next time you cut yourself with a piece of paper, you know what to do.

10. The treadmill was first used for farming and prisoners

First used to grind flour and fetch water, treadmills were then put in place to punish prisoners. In the form of unstoppable stairs, these machines allowed prisoners to walk for dozens of hours a day to torture them. Today, it remains an instrument of torture, but involuntary let’s say.

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