Top 10 events that boosted the sales of certain things

“The misfortune of some is the happiness of others” said Voltaire. One of his quotes, which is still sadly relevant, does not belie all the vagueness that certain large companies make about sad news. If you opened a company producing goodies bearing the effigy of Elizabeth II last year: you had a nose. Not necessarily from the heart, but from the nose. It’s already not so bad: some have neither one nor the other. Just ask Voldemort.

1. The price of corgis doubles when Elizabeth II dies

Muick and Sandy, the last corgis of Queen Elizabeth II, said goodbye to their mistress, who died on September 8, 2022. Since this Thursday in September, the British are snapping up this breed of dog, so much so that prices have jumped : the breeders ask more than 2,500 pounds for one of these dogs, that is to say, the double of the tariffs practiced until then.

2. … Besides, all the sales of goodies with the image of the queen are exploding

The animal market is not the only one impacted by the death of the queen. Since then, sales of objects related to Elizabeth II have exploded. For example, and less than 24 hours after the announcement of her death, sales of the DVD of her coronation increased by 40,000%, those of Catherine Ryan’s book on her 70 years of reign jumped by 50,000 % and those of Queen figurines have increased by 100,000%. Yes, it’s huge.

The program Secrets d’Histoire dedicated to the monarch and hosted by one of her greatest admirers in France, Stéphane Bern, also recorded an increase in sales of nearly 20,000% since yesterday.

Posted by BFM Business on Friday, September 9, 2022

3. The health crisis and sales of luxury cars, yachts and private jets

So as much as there are sectors that have benefited from the health crisis without it shocking us, we didn’t really see it coming! According to an article published by the world in February 2022, the covid period has not ruined the super-rich. However, they realized “that they could die tomorrow” and had buying fever. A carpe diem of money and ecology, in short. In 2021, the manufacture of luxury models broke all its records: 5,586 Rolls-Royces, 14,655 Bentleys and 8,405 Lamborghinis sold over the year. It makes money. And fuel. And pollutants. YOUPI TRALALALA POUET POUET.

4. Shortage of iodine tablets at the start of the war in Ukraine

March 2022. The war in Ukraine has just broken out and the French are rushing to pharmacies to obtain iodine tablets, as a preventive measure. They fear nuclear war in particular, and these pellets are known to protect the thyroid from radioactive iodine which could be released into the air in this case. The French sense of priorities!

5. Russians rush for plane tickets after Putin’s speech

Speaking of the Russian-Ukrainian war… On September 20, 2022, Putin recorded a message which he broadcast the next day at 9 a.m. (Moscow time). He announces a partial mobilization to reinforce the troops in Ukraine. If it only speaks of 300,000 reservists for the moment, the Ministry of Defense suggests that a total of 25 million Russians can be mobilized. In the aftermath, residents rushed to airline sites to try to flee the country before being taken to the front. The same day, direct flights to the nearest destinations in the country were fully booked for several days.

6. Wood pellet sales in response to the energy crisis

Afterwards, I’ll leave you alone with that, but among the indirect consequences of the Russian-Ukrainian war, we can cite the explosion in demand for wood pellets. Yes, in a general panic in the face of the energy crisis and the risk of sharp increases in the cost of gas, fuel oil and electricity, the French have looked in large numbers at the alternative of the pellet stove. Basically, it’s a greener solution, and highly recommendable. The thing this year is that demand has exploded without the supply of pellets following. Consequence: much more expensive wood, and a shortage that is emerging. Greaaaat the end of abundance.

7. The sale of weapons in the United States, after each mass shooting or after the election of a Democrat

According to this article in Les Échos, Americans tend to buy more weapons following a mass shooting, either to protect themselves from the next ones, or in fear of seeing new restrictions appear. Between 2019 and 2020, sales have, for example, increased by 69%, while the country recorded its highest number of killings since 1970 (41 mass killings in 2019). In the same way, the political context influences sales: when a pro-gun president, like Trump, is in charge of the country, demand weakens. On the other hand, when it is a Democrat who passes, the Americans, fearful of the restrictions, rush to guns of all kinds. Scary.

Protected by the second amendment of the United States which guarantees the right to bear arms, the sector has garnered the year…

Posted by Les Echos on Monday, July 11, 2022

8. Shortage of the morning after pill the day after the US Supreme Court decision

Definitely a joyful top, absolutely not anxiety-provoking and even less depressing, right? On June 24, 2022, the USA took a big step back by revoking the Roe vs. Wade judgment (guaranteeing the constitutional right to abortion), leaving the American states free to legislate as they wish on the right to abortion. IVG. Faced with territories that prohibit or greatly limit its access, emergency contraception has become more important than ever. Distributed without prescriptions in the country, they were quickly robbed, by prevention, by fear, or by immediate need. A kind of last hope to have the right to say no to unwanted parenthood. Well guess what? Financial sharks having no soul (oops, we said the terms), sites like Amazon, normally offering different brands ranging from $10 to $50, have reduced their offer to a single product for $47. Some say that money has no smell, I would tend to think that money especially has no heart.

Emergency contraceptives sold for more than 40€ and increasingly long delivery times?

Posted by NEON on Monday, June 27, 2022

9. The sale of black turtleneck sweaters, after the death of Steve Jobs

Fiouuuuu finally a sweeter subject! When good old Steve died (11 years ago), his iconic trompe-l’oeil sweater sold twice as much as usual. A $175 sweater that pulverizes sales, it’s zizir to the company.


10. Sales of white Vans after the Squid Game phenomenon

Under the heading of series that boost the sales of a product, I ask Squid Game, the planetary phenomenon. According to Sole Supplier, sales of white Slip-on Vans increased by 7,800% when the soap opera was released. It’s impressive how easily you can be influenced, but I confess that I’m rather reassured that we snatched these pumps rather than the creepy costumes of the guards.

11. Bonus: the release of “50 Shades of Grey” boosts sales of riding crops

To finish on a lighter touch that will give a little smirk to the most beaufs of us: after the release of the films of the saga, Decathlon notes a sharp increase in sales of riding crops. Hey guess what: it has little to do with a sudden and growing craze for horse riding…

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