Top 10 essential things that you do not miss at all when you travel

Going on a trip means accepting to drop everything, even what seems essential to you today, even vital… and which is not at all. Top 10 of the little things that have invaded your daily life and that you will not miss when traveling.

1. Your clothing collection

A flirtatious traveler, borderline fashion victim: we call that a tourist! No need to whine, your collection of 8 jeans, 12 tops and 19 pairs of sneakers won’t fit in your 60L backpack. Tell yourself that it’s for your own good and that this sacrifice is the first step towards a revelation that will change your life: you don’t need all this bullshit to feel good about yourself!

Top 10 essential things that you do not miss at all when you travel

2. The job

Unlike the holidays where you think about your coworker bastards the first 3 days and the last 4, the trip gives you time to draw a line under those bad memories. With a bit of luck, you’ll even realize that your job has become a foil and that it’s high time you thought about doing what you really love (apart from messing about while traveling, of course).

Top 10 essential things that you do not miss at all when you travel

3. Your bed

Traveling also means sleeping anywhere and changing rooms almost every night. It’s getting up at night to take a piss while hitting walls that weren’t there the night before. In short, it’s a mess. Don’t panic, your brain will manage the situation perfectly, provided of course you stop this stressful hyperventilation. When traveling, you have to learn to let go, even in the middle of sleep. At worst, what can happen to you, huh? Apart from being bitten by a snake hiding under your sheets, or being woken up by the cries of your roommate who seems to be having a better night than you?

Top 10 essential things that you do not miss at all when you travel

4. News

Your favorite phrase is “Old, I saw the news 1 hour ago on Twitter”? Is your brain constantly fed by hundreds of RSS feeds? Traveling will do you a world of good. Maybe at first, the withdrawal from news will make you drool (literally and figuratively), TV5 Monde will be your Guronzan, until the day you realize that you live very well without knowing immediately what’s happening in the world, and that the real news is what you’re going through (it’s as beautiful as Musso).

5. Your loved ones

Not thinking about your parents, your girlfriend, or your little brother every day has never made someone a monster of selfishness. It is therefore useless to feel guilty, especially when travelling, the notion of time is no longer the same. The days lengthen as the routine disappears to make way for the unexpected. We would almost end up forgetting sometimes our old life and those who made it so great. Don’t worry, she hasn’t disappeared; it’s right there, in parentheses – and a bit on Facebook too.

Top 10 essential things that you do not miss at all when you travel
Picture credits: Topito

6. Your general practitioner

Hypochondriac friend, travel is probably the best treatment you can be prescribed. Unless you really do anything (like eating raw vegetables at every meal), you won’t be sicker on the other side of the world than if you had stayed holed up at home. Especially since knowing you, you will have robbed your favorite pharmacy before leaving, just in case…

Top 10 essential things that you do not miss at all when you travel

7. Social networks

The quintessential addiction. The one you fiercely deny based on “no but wait, me Twitter, Snapchat and all that bullshit, I can do without it in peace”. Yeah, yeah, that’s what we’ll see. When traveling, the temptation is great to show how great our life is, how much we have changed (even if you cannot understand, necessarily). Except that apart from us, our mom and this FB contact that we would have preferred never to have accepted, no one cares. The success of your trip is not measured by the number of likes of your publications.

8. Your watch

What use is a watch to you now that you have the time? In addition, it leaves marks not top level tan…

9. Your contact lenses

We’re not going to lie to each other, you’re probably much sexier without your glasses. But when travelling, between the bottles to carry around, the protective cases and the gymnastics on the plane, at the swimming pool and elsewhere, wearing contact lenses is a real hell. A pair of prescription sunglasses and a few pairs of contact lenses at the bottom of your backpack for the big nights should do the trick.

10. Topito

What are you still doing here? Do you really have nothing better to do?

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