Top 10 episodes of comedy series that have been deprogrammed

It sometimes happens that certain episodes of our favorite series are deprogrammed, for various reasons such as a controversy, bad timing in the broadcast, a disagreement with the production or because Taylor Lautner appears there. It happened several times since we even censored series in certain countries but today we are going to focus on sitcoms or comedy series and you will see that there have been a few.

1. The Simpsons episode with Michael Jackson

In 2019 after multiple complaints against Michael Jackson, the Simpsons team decided to remove from streaming platforms, future DVDs and VOD systems episode 1 of season 3 in which the singer lent his voice to a personage. Like what the Simpsons thing that predicts the future is not always true.

2. The Griffins episode where Peter decides to become a Muslim

The episode in which homer simpson Peter Griffin decides to become a Muslim was not removed because we realized that Muslims use Peter to carry out an attack (necessarily) but because there was a joke in which the character said he had won the Boston Marathon in overtaking all the runners with his car. A valve that no longer passed at all a few months later after the tragic events of the Boston Marathon in 2013.

3. The “Tiny toons” and the beer episode

When we see the Tiny Toons we think that they are very cute and that they have no risk of doing creepy things for children, yet in one episode they found an open beer and decided to drink it. Then they were drunk in the streets and the episode ended with a scene where they fell from a cliff while driving a car under the influence of alcohol. A little too shocking for kids.

4. The Puerto Rican flag episode in “Seinfeld”

In this episode, Seinfeld’s group of friends find themselves in traffic after a baseball game and one of the characters accidentally sets fire to a Puerto Rican flag before trying to reason with Puerto Rican characters who are upset by this affront. The thing didn’t go over to the public at all because we used a flag as an accessory to burn it and it was rather frowned upon.

5. An episode of “SpongeBob SquarePants” with a virus

In 2021, the Nickelodeon channel decided not to broadcast an episode of the famous cartoon with the square sponge because it saw an epidemic raging in the city of Bikini Bottom. The thing is that it echoed reality a bit too much, so we decided not to broadcast it because everyone’s asses are full of pandemics, even children.

6. The episode where Sandi gains weight in “Daria”

In this episode we saw the character of Sandi recovering from a fracture and gaining weight due to her inactivity. The thing is, after gaining that weight Sandi was kicked out of her fashion club and lost her popularity. Do you kinda see the problem? Probably don’t need to explain to you why the thing got canceled and is no longer airing.

7. “Scrubs” and blackface

When the series ended up on the Hulu streaming platform several years after its initial release, the creator requested that three episodes be removed, all of which featured blackface, a racist good practice that doesn’t pass. not so long ago on screen.

8. The Griffins episode with an abortion

The United States and abortion is not the best possible mix, so when an episode of the famous cartoon showed the mother having an abortion, the channel decided to simply avoid broadcasting it on TV so as not to shock the somewhat closed-minded audience, while leaving it available on DVDs because there was nothing really awkward about the episode.

9. The episode of “Married with children” with a little too much sex

Without going into porn either, an episode of the famous series showed us the Bundy couple having a little too much sex on screen, one scene in a hotel and another in a court. It could probably pass for something a little too suggestive and the channel simply decided not to broadcast the episode because in America you can show people dying violently on screen but not people fucking.

10. The episode of “Friends” where Chandler goes to a gay strip club because he likes food

Many jokes about Chandler’s character are considered homophobic since he often talks about his father’s transexuality, something that didn’t make Matthew Perry totally laugh. So he simply refused to do an episode in which Chandler went to a gay strip bar because he liked the food, and the episode was simply dropped from the season.

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