Top 10 end of series that we have never seen finally told

We all started at least once in series which turned out to be much too long and which we abandoned before the last season. So we never saw the end of it. And since we didn’t have any friends brave enough to go all the way and tell us about them, we decided to offer you the story of these ultimate series episodes, so that you know how the adventures of your elders ended. hero. This is the catch-up moment.

1. The end of Dr. House

In the last episode, Gregory House, who is supposed to go to prison, wakes up in an abandoned building, much like he’s coming out of a big bad trip. Next to him is one of his patients, Olivier, who is not in very good shape since he died. Dr. House then hits on the bad hallu, and he sees a lot of his former colleagues/friends who talk to him about his life, his choices, in short, ugly things. Ah yes, also, the building is on fire. Meanwhile, his friend Wilson, who will soon die of cancer, is looking for him, but when he arrives at the abandoned building, it collapses. The firefighters pull out a body and say it’s Gregory House. Hard blow. At the funeral, Wilson spits a little on his friend Greg, but he receives a text message from the latter, and he understands that it was not his body that had been taken out of the building. Anyway, he reunites with his buddy, and the two set off on motorcycles in the balek mode of life. A little weird, this end.

Top 10 end of series that we have never seen

2. The end of Seven at Home

If you quickly remember the Camden family (yes, those Protestants who obviously don’t know the means of contraception and who make kids at all costs), you may remember that at the end, Eric, the dad/pastor, had a serious illness. Well, at the end of the series, he miraculously recovers (it’s cool to always have God on his side anyway) and decides to go on a road trip all over the United States with his motorhome. In the meantime, half of the kids had had twins, just to carry on the family traditions, and some of them decided to accompany the old people on their journey. Personally, we have no desire to follow them in their delirium.

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3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Ending

The final episode of Buffy is a big fight. The slayer must face the First Evil with her friends (Faith, Willow, Alex, and of course Spike the bg vampire who is now endowed with a soul). At one point, Angel made his comeback to help them, to the delight of the fans who were still watching this series. As for the fight, it’s very tense, until Spike sacrifices himself in a big explosion that flattens all of Sunnydale but allows to thwart the Apocalypse (it’s the best, Spike). After that, the little friends leave for new adventures, but without us.

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4. The end of Desperate Housewives

We can’t tell all the adventures of the end of the story of the 4 friends of Wisteria Lane, because there are really quite a few, so we will focus on the outcome. After having finished all their adventures, Bree, Gaby, Susan and Lynette meet for one last game of poker where they say they will remain friends for life. But Mary-Alice, their friend who died in the first season, and who is also the narrator, tells us what happened next: they all ended up moving and continuing their little lives elsewhere, never to see each other again. It’s a little bluesy, but it’s ultimately quite realistic.

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5. The end of H

Not to change, the end of H is completely WTF. Sabri makes a rat poison pasta dish in his restaurant (no intention to kill, but just because he’s a dick); Professor Strauss and Clara die eating it. Jamel, who had threatened them with death just before, helps Sabri hide the bodies. Aymé also eats pasta later and dies in turn, so Jamel and Sabri decide to pass the corpses off as wax statues at the Grévin Museum. Meanwhile, the three dead end up in Purgatory and are so pissed off that they are sent back to Earth. We are then entitled to a second end where everyone except Sabri eats his dessert, also with rat poison. He finds himself living alone at the table with the other four. In the stupid genre, we expect no less from H.

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6. The end of Un, Dos, Tres

The end of Un, Dos, Tres (the best series in history, we remind you), is totally frustrating since the series was supposed to continue for a 7th season but was ultimately not renewed. What should be remembered is that Ingrid managed a casting that allows her to go to the States while Lola, who wanted the same role, is disgusted and has to stay in Spain. Meanwhile, the Carmen Arranz school is still financially screwed up. Roberto’s group, with Marta, Tania and César, begins to take off, and Juan manages to catch JJ again who will not join her husband in the end. Basically, it’s a bit of a lame ending with no real surprises.

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7. The end of Charmed

After 178 episodes, the series finally ends. After watching Phoebe and Paige die and then be saved thanks to a little trip down Piper’s past (hands-on), the three sisters and Billie manage to defeat the Triad and the Dumains. After that, all the living are happy, and we are entitled to a vision of their future: Phoebe marries Coop and has three daughters, Paige has three children too, and Piper opens a restaurant before having… a third child (what is their delirium with large families?) We also learn that future generations of the Halliwells will continue to fight against demons, surely to make way for a small spin-off if ever the public asks for more in a few years .

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8. Dexter’s End

You frankly had to be brave to go through the 8 seasons of Dexter, all less and less well. So here’s the ending: after being in deep shit one last time, Dexter manages to escape from a police station. He has to flee, but he takes advantage of the threat of a hurricane and the mess caused to make a detour to the hospital where his sister, who has become a vegetable, is kept alive by machines. He unplugs her and breaks off with her aboard his boat, in a very disgusting storm (kind of really very ugly, we feel that the FX budget was exhausted) and throws her body in the water. After that, we find the wreckage of the boat, and we think that Dexter is dead, but we are treated to a scene where we see him chopping wood in Oregon with a nice lumberjack shirt on his back. What, you’re saying it sucks? We agree with you.

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9. The end of The Big Bang Theory

Here, everything ends well: Sheldon and Amy receive the Nobel Prize in Physics, and Amy will take the opportunity to place a short speech on the importance of women in science while Sheldon will make a moving speech about his friends. Sheldon’s elevator is finally fixed, which scares him since he can’t stand the changes, but Penny manages to reassure him. About her, we learn that she is pregnant with Leonard, and that’s about it for the important news. In the end, all the friends have dinner together, and then nothing.

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10. Dawson’s End

We don’t know if you remember Dawson’s characters, so we’ll keep it short: at the end, Jen snaps quite suddenly, and Dawson meets Spielberg, his idol. Yeah, that’s a bit of a summary, but frankly, did you have anything to do with the end of Dawson?

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