Top 10 employers who are clearly thieves

1. This person is RELOU

– Oh, I didn’t understand that I had to pay. I figured at your career level, you’d be willing to do this in exchange for some great exposure for your name.

– Unfortunately, I cannot pay my rent or my bills with a simple exposure. I would love to write a song for the price above in time for your wedding. Don’t hesitate to tell me if you need more information.

– That’s pretty stingy! I think you are unrealistic with your prices. You will make a name for yourself much faster by doing this for free or at very low prices. Certainly you have talent but I do not see who would pay for that. The rest of the world doesn’t have to pay your rent for you.

2. Millle power crevar

– Why does no artist want to draw for me?

– Because you ask for free drawings.

– I do not see where the problem is ?

– Why would we spend 2 to 5 hours on something to give it to a completely unknown person?

– To be nice.

– People have to pay their rent elsewhere and if they do free stuff they will end up on the street.

– If they lived with their parents, they wouldn’t have to pay rent.

3. When you’re looking for a babysitter for $100 a week

I’M LOOKING FOR A BABY-SITTER FROM 6.30 AM TO 6 PM. Two girls aged 6 and 2, well behaved and polite. YOU MUST PROVIDE THE FOOD (ONLY VEGAN AND ORGANIC!!!). NO SMOKING. CLEAN RECORD. WOMEN ONLY. MUST BE ABLE TO WORK WEEKENDS. Salary shown is for the week. After six months, if we’re still working together, the salary will go up to $150 a week. You cannot sleep there. You cannot bring friends. You cannot study or watch videos on Youtube during your working hours.

4. There’s a misunderstanding

– It was great to keep Kevin* and Jordan* today! I had a great time. Are you okay if I come by tomorrow at 2 p.m. to pick up the money?

– I did not understand that there would be a payment. You were treated to an ice cream and a nice day. Sorry about the misunderstanding.

– Mm. We had talked about a salary of $16 an hour (see our discussions above).

– Sorry but can you show me these messages?


– I often delete my messages.

– Forgive me but even if I love your children very much, I demand a salary.

– Well, you look like you’re stuck. Can we find a compromise at $20?

– No, I babysat your children for 8 hours for $16 an hour, so it’s $128.

“I’m not going to pay you $128 for just one day of having fun with my kids.

– That’s not the point, if you want I can accept $100.

– Certainly not. I regret having hired a little bitch to babysit my children. Please do not contact me again.

ndrl, I totally invented these first names.

5. A quality ad

Looking for home assistant. MUST BE FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT, AUTONOMOUS. Electricity, water and bathroom access offered but NO SALARY PROVIDED.

6. Sometimes you have to listen to comments

– Hello, I am looking for a babysitter from noon to 7 p.m. These times can vary a lot depending on my boyfriend’s availability. I can pay $65-75, maybe more. It all depends on the salary I will receive. I have three children aged 6, 3 and 14 months. They can be loose in the house.

– That’s 71 cents an hour. Good luck…

7. Nice salary for students who went into tens of thousands of dollars in debt for their degree

Qualification required: Masters

Salary: $15 per hour.

8. Look for an expert financial writer

Salary: $0.10 to $0.5 per hour.

Writing experience: 3 years

Finance experience: 4 years

9. When you’re looking for someone for $1 an hour

” I’m serious. This is not a scam. You will actually be paid $1 per hour. I’m running a little essay, and I need authors. I pay $1 for 1000 words. The texts rendered must be professional and without any plagiarism. You will need to be available for any returns to be expected. You will be paid for each return, usually two cents. »

10. Answer: no

“I’m looking for someone who would like to live in my 3 bedroom apartment while I’m away and would pay the rent of $1500 per month for 6 months with occasional babysitting over that period and at least one month’s payment. advance. Ideas ? »

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