Top 10 easy and super well paid roles, big check for odd job

When you are a big star you become bankable enough to allow yourself to ask the studios for incredible salaries for the minimum possible work. It’s called selling his image, and when an actor is in a strong position compared to a studio that really wants him to appear in their film there is more money falling than during the checkbook festival. So we will see some examples of actors who have grabbed the jackpot for little work.

1. Robert Downey Jr in “Spiderman: Homecoming”

The actor appears exactly eight minutes on the screen, which represented three days of filming. The check was for $ 10 million, for a role that clearly did not require effort. It’s a hold-up at that price.

2. Vin Diesel in “Guardians of the Galaxy”

The actor who does the voice of Groot and has a line (although he dubbed every version of each country himself) was paid $ 54.5 million for the role, without having been present on the set, sacred jackpot.

3. Mark Hamill in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

The actor appears less than a minute at the very end of the film, he turns around, pulls his hood down and doesn’t even say a word. How much money would you give someone to do this in front of you on camera? Nah because Disney coughed up $ 1 million.

4. The Rock in “The other guys”

While it only appears in the intro of the excellent The other guys (“Very bad cops” in France, another translation done with the ass, since it is also translated into English) with Samuel L. Jackson, the studio has instead capitalized on his short presence to promote of the movie. Paid nine million dollars for less than five minutes on screen at the same time it had to be monetized.

5. Julia Roberts in “Valentine day”

A film with a hell of a cast, we can’t take that away from her, but regarding Julia Roberts she only appears on the screen for six minutes (not a lot) for four days of filming, which is why we paid her six million dollars. . It is expensive the appearance.

6. Marlon Brando in “Superman”

When Brando was working on Superman he had no idea what movie he was making, but he knew how much he was going to get paid. Ten days of filming for $ 19 million at the time, about $ 50 million today, is a very, very good negotiation.

7. Ving Rhames in “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol”

If the actor appears in some previous parts of the saga, his very rapid appearance in Ghost Protocol (he comes for a beer with Tom Cruise at the end of the film) was billed for $ 7.7 million. He also dealt at the time that he would not be paid less for an appearance in the saga.

8. Charlie Sheen in “Scary movie 5”

He was already one of the highest paid TV actors in the world as he made $ 1.8 million per episode of My uncle Charlie. Its appearance in Scary Movie 5 took a day of filming for which he was paid $ 250,000, but Grand Prince he spun $ 100,000 to Lindsay Lohan and the rest to charity. Well beside it was 1.8 million per episode I remind you.

9. Alec Baldwin in “Glengary Glenn Ross”

This is one of the memorable roles with a few minutes on the screen the appearance of Alec Baldwin in Glengary Glenn Ross Not only earned him an Oscar for seven minutes on screen but also $ 250,000. Pretty cool.

10. Hugh Jackman in “X-men: first class”

A tiny cameo, an appearance of a few seconds and a single sentence (three words in English): “Fuck you both”. It is not known how much the studio paid because Jackman had agreed to make the appearance on one condition: that the studio make a donation to his children’s school. What he commented by saying “I think I’m the only actor to have donated by swearing on screen. ” Class.

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