Top 10 dumplings so big you wonder how they got by

Making a mistake happens. Make a huge mistake, it can happen but we are also entitled to wonder how we could have come to this without anyone saying to themselves “oh well damn it Gérard, I think it’s bullshit what we’re doing done there, we’re going to fall on the corner of the mouth every time “. Unfortunately, it happens.

1. The last cover of the French film with only white guys

We told you about it recently, explaining to you how French cinema was super feminist. The French film may have apologized, can we really be satisfied with that?

Criticized for its 100% white and masculine Une, Le Film français apologizes… but is that enough? Why, for example,…

Posted by Madmoizelle on Monday, October 3, 2022

2. When Zara made a concentration camp t-shirt

The striped t-shirt and the Star of David, we can’t say that it brings back good memories… Can we blame something other than the general lack of culture to lead to this kind of drift? Good overall, you will quickly discover in this top that fashion is a specialist in bad buzz of the genre.

3. Mango who thought it was great to make “slave” jewelry

When it’s not clothes, it’s jewelry. We remember this controversy (largely justified) with regard to the brand which found it completely normal to put in store a collection of jewels modestly named “slaves”. Super smart.

4. Marlène Schiappa who brings in reality TV candidates to address the issue of sexual violence

OK it’s good to want to communicate, educate and raise awareness. And after all, why not use reality TV stars who themselves have a large community to encourage them to broach the subject on the networks. But hey, we wonder when someone thought that something good was going to come out of this meeting.

5. Camaïeu’s campaign to combat violence against women with injured models

Well yes after all why not take advantage of women’s shopping sessions to show them other women with black eyes and bruises. It’s great isn’t it? Super subtle. Cheer.

6. The Eram advertising campaign “Family is sacred” which completely sucks

So I have nothing against blended families huh. I see the original idea (in truth, no, I don’t really see it, but hey). But admit that the side “my father and his 17th girl” is a bit abused.

Top 10 dumplings so big you wonder how they got

7. Darty who doesn’t care about blondes in the greatest of calms

And don’t tell me it’s booooo it was in 2013. We had already given up on blonde jokes at that time but hey, just take a look at the sexist ads of 2021 to see that we still have a long way to go.

8. Dove hinting that black people are dirty in an ad

OK maybe the DAs at Dove aren’t big fanatics. But the fact that no one sees the shit storm to come with such an advertising campaign that shows a before/after soaping remains highly problematic…

9. This waste sorting campaign in Moselle

Here again, it is difficult to understand what the starting point of this campaign was. We want to make residents aware of sorting waste, so we compare their garbage cans to a woman’s bust symbolizing “slimming diets”. Admit that it’s far-fetched this case.

10. The symposium on the future of cinema at the Cannes Film Festival

We close the circle with information of the same kind as the first point of the top and which had a similar impact at the time… In any case, all this diversity is beautiful.

Really next time guys don’t hesitate to ask those around you if you’re not completely off the mark.