Top 10 dumbest people of the week, episode 135

Hello little wolves. As always, we find ourselves with lots of new stumps that have appeared in the jungle of stupidity. Be careful, if you are in this top, don’t worry, put your fingers in a toaster, and assume your very low IQ (an IQ test is available for you).

1. The kind of thing that haunts you all your life

“In high school I went to a slumber party and the girl I liked climbed into my bed and started tickling me and there I was like: “ahahah ok it’s time to sleep” and now I think about it every 5 minutes. »

2. Discomfort at maximum level

I went to the hairdresser today.

Hairdresser: What do you do for a living?

Me: I’m a writer, how about you?

Hairdresser : …. I am a barber

We didn’t speak for the rest of the appointment. I am happy to announce that I will never interact with another human being again.

3. Only one answer to him: NO

Article: “Woman in coma gives birth to baby and now police want to DNA test men working at health facility”

Comment: “I don’t think we should do these DNA tests. Let’s accept this as a miracle like that of the Virgin Mary. Or is the man too smart to believe in something so extraordinary that a new life somehow happened while this woman was in a coma? Maybe she had a dream in which she had sex with her husband and her body found it so real that it produced a pregnancy or whatever…”

4. It’s give and take

“You know I’ve always found you really attractive but with your disability it’s like you’re only half a man to me, I don’t know if that sounds a bit harsh”

“You weigh about 110 kilos, it’s like you are 2.5 times a woman for me, I don’t know if that sounds a bit harsh”


5. Brenda is a bit of a jerk

“I ordered my free covid tests on January 19, 2022 and they just arrived, thank you @POTUS”

“Congratulations…now you’re in their database”

“I am a veteran who worked for the government for over a decade. I’m pretty sure they know who I am, Brenda. »

6. A very bad method

Antivaxers use Google Trends to prove that there’s more myocarditis since the covid vaccine, but Google Trends is just for showing the searches people are doing on Google. Inevitably, since the vaccine, people are looking a lot more for the word “myocarditis” on the search engine, so that doesn’t prove anything at all.

7. This is why I never play on my phone

The game on Android: you can watch a 30-second advertising video and relive it

Me: no thank you

The game on Android: I still put you a 30-second advertising video that you can’t watch, and I won’t give you anything in return.

8. Super nice owner

“I just read a lease for a client and the landlord added a clause banning ‘spices and oil’ in the entire kitchen. Imagine thinking you have the right to banish all flavor from someone’s life. »

9. It’s true that they are not was-were those

“Black man sues police after being jailed for 6 days because officers mistook him for an older white man with the same name as him”

10. Oh the dumpling

“I am making my will. I needed information about my brother. I sent him a message asking for his address and the name of his position. I forgot to remember it was his birthday.”

The conversation :

_ Do you need my date of birth too?

_ Yes, but it’s good I know her.

_ Truly ?

_ Hahaha yes

_ Are you 100% sure?


_ Here “

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