Hello fans of unusual miscellaneous facts, it’s Sunday and you know it, it’s time for fun and lightness since we’re going to look at the champions of the week, these improbable and stupid stories from our daily lives that you you may have missed, unless you hold a newsstand and read all the press. We would like to thank our friend @adjustitle for his work and his help, and without further ado let’s go together in the meanders of the miscellaneous facts section.

He parks on an electric car charging place by putting a string to imitate a charger

Topito’s analysis: Not stupid, in itself it could have passed if someone a little too zealous had not been sticking their nose too close to the charging station to discover the pot-aux-roses. To note for the evenings when it is really difficult to park.

In a relationship with an inflatable doll, he takes her on vacation to meet her mother

Topito’s analysis: Love has no limits. Finally except the limits of the law, but in this precise case they were not crossed, contrary to the limits of the strange one well smashed with a rocket launcher. Hoping that this meeting goes well and that the mother-in-law does not show herself to be too closed-minded.

Unusual: A man loses his memory after sleeping with his wife

Topito’s analysis: Funny story, but obviously it can happen even if it remains rare. All you have to do is cross your fingers hoping that if it were to fall on us, it might as well be right after a rotten sex party.

Bothered by the noise, the patient disconnects the artificial respirator from her roommate

Topito’s analysis: It’s still tragic to be so completely stupid, we talk about endangering the life of a person only because we are bothered by a noise. But on the other hand, these machines are super noisy…

After leaving a vehicle to flee the police, one of the passengers returns to collect his fries

Topito’s analysis: No desire to judge this person, I think that personally I would have done the same, it all depends on how many fries were left in the cone. You just have to be sure to run very fast after collecting them.

Unusual: an employee is fired because he refuses to participate in the aperitifs organized by his company

Topito’s analysis: It’s a completely invalid reason legally, no one can be fired for this kind of stuff. Now you still have to make an effort, we pay you the aperitif you go, it’s not too bad to decline each time.

Intoxicated by cannabis lasagna served at a wedding, she files a complaint against the caterer

Topito’s analysis: In the long list of things that can really ruin a marriage, we hadn’t necessarily thought of this scenario, but the complaint is actually totally justified. Still want to see videos of the after meal.

Refusal to comply: drunk and under the influence of cocaine, he installs his two children on his scooter and tries to flee the police

Topito’s analysis: A good shitty idea that ranks pretty high on the scale of shitty ideas, and God knows we’ve seen some hairy ones in the Champions of the Week column. Another former policeman who thought he could do anything.

The Corsican funeral company got rid of the corpses in the maquis

Topito’s analysis: And that’s when you realize that doing your job badly doesn’t have the same impact when you work in a funeral home as in a sock store. Anyway, this story sucks.

On Leboncoin, the seller is looking for a “flexible 1m60” buyer for his quirky apartment

Topito’s analysis: You really have to stop selling or renting things that are not at all habitable. “Flexible” and “1m60” means that the ceiling is really low, we must hope that the price is too and train to live on your knees.

And while waiting for next week, we still advise you to go see the teubés of the week, it’s still so funny.