Hi my chouquettes, how are you going today? Me, it’s not too bad for a month of November, but you probably don’t care if it’s okay, so we’ll go directly to the champions of the week, these unusual miscellaneous facts that we find every week in part thanks to this brave @adjutetit, someone great.

Without a license and without papers, he offers the police to share the couscous he eats while driving

Topito’s analysis: The undocumented driver was driving above the authorized traffic limits while eating a couscous, which is already something particularly surprising, but in reality it was nice of him to offer the police a taste.

UK: Man who threw eggs at King Charles banned from carrying eggs in public

Topito’s analysis: It’s stupid because by definition to buy eggs you have to carry them home, so unless someone buys them for him he won’t be able to eat them anymore and that’s super sad. Really uncool Prince King Charles.

Pau: sentenced for a burglary, he “fights the balls” in front of the court

Topito’s analysis: Harsh words, but at the same time he is honest, and being honest in court always helps. Well, in this case it didn’t really help him, but at least he was at his wit’s end.

Valais: Drunk, he steals a cross in a church and forgets it in a nightclub

Topito’s analysis: We’re going to say it one more time but stealing is really bad. But why steal a cross from a church? And why go to the disco with it? There are people who have strange evenings.

Fishermen discover a bust of Adolf Hitler in the Loire

Topito’s analysis: Everyone knows that a bust of Adolf Hitler is thrown into the toilet, not into the Loire. Poor fishermen, probably the most horrible thing they’ve ever taken out of the water.

He finds a check for several million euros addressed to Haribo, the company offers him… six sachets of sweets

Topito’s analysis: It’s stingy, frankly even if it’s just a check and the person couldn’t do anything with it, it’s really abuse to send only six packets of candy to thank him.

“You’re lame”, “you’re ugly” … why did the Burger King chain insult thousands of French people by messages?

Topito’s analysis: To do a publicity stunt, and a bad one. Obviously receiving insulting text messages from a company supposedly to raise awareness of insulting messages is really not a great idea for com.

On the run for 29 years… the suspect had become a millionaire boss

Topito’s analysis: So that’s still quite a story, going from murderer to millionaire boss and successfully hiding for 29 years is quite a feat. But still, the guy has to be judged.

Only son, he became father of 15 children and ancestor of 731 descendants

Topito’s analysis: Starting from nothing we arrive at what we are aiming for, the guy was alone and now he has 731 descendants. It’s more a family tree, it’s a forest that this brave man has made.

Come on, have a good weekend and see you next week friends.