Top 10 dumbest news stories, champions of the week #396

Hi my puffed prawn chips, how are you doing on this beautiful Sunday in September? We’re not too bad, we’re happy, life is good, except that it’s actually Thursday. Yeah, I don’t really work on Sundays to bring you the champions of the week, our compilation of the most stupid miscellaneous facts that we manage to do thanks to the help of @Ajustetitre, I hope you don’t mind don’t want.

2. Saint-Paul: tested positive for alcohol, he offers 50 euros to the gendarmes to let him go

Topito’s analysis: Damn for damn it was not completely stupid to try the thing. Finally yes, it’s called a “bribe attempt” and it can go very far to get this kind of stupid ideas, without messing around, don’t do that.

The driver tested positive for alcohol with nearly 1.90g of alcohol per liter of blood, offered the gendarmes 50 euros to let him go??

Posted by on Monday, September 12, 2022

3. Death of Elizabeth II: an influencer is wrong and pays tribute to… Brigitte Macron

Topito’s analysis: It made the headlines of the press (I love this expression, if you know where it comes from, I’m interested) because it’s obviously a good example that shows that it’s good to check what we sharing on the networks to avoid looking like an idiot.

4. In the UK, drug dealers are slashing prices in tribute to the Queen

Topito’s analysis: Everyone was really touched by mourning in the country it’s crazy, that the dealers make a gesture like this it’s probably the most beautiful tribute she could hope for the queen, she can now leave with peace of mind .

5. To escape the police of Reims, the pilot of a minimotorcycle accelerates and falls rue de la Petite-Vitesse…

Topito’s analysis: The place was all found you will tell me, but what strikes me the most is that you can really do a chase in a minibike and I wonder why we have not yet seen such a scene in a James Jump.

6. Hunting accident in Graubünden: he takes his colleague for a deer

Topito’s analysis: Must say that the guy in question was dressed, moved on his two hind legs, had a gun and spoke like a human, which can lead to confusion with an adult deer.

7. Perpignan: he damages 350 vehicles because his parents refuse to give him money to go to brothels in La Jonquera

Topito’s analysis: We feel the rage, frustration and nervousness in this little guy. Maybe you should enroll him in judo or a sport that helps channel his anger, for example, that could help him. I wish him to get better or at least to go to La Jonquera if necessary.

8. After 300 Botox injections, Sharon Stone explains why she’ll never have one again

Topito’s analysis: I know they say it’s only idiots who don’t change their minds. But still, 300 times what. 300 times.

9. In Orne, a man seen naked in a field, with a metal detector in his hand

Topito’s analysis: Nah, because the boring thing with metal detectors is that it can be distorted by clothing. If we wear metal clothes for example, which was perhaps the case I imagine, otherwise there’s no reason.

10. In Italy, the Nobel Prize in Physics suggests lowering the heat under the pan of pasta and sends the country into turmoil

Topito’s analysis: The idea isn’t stupid at all, it’s just another cooking method that can save energy. But it caused a big mess in Italy, there are even chefs who got involved in the affair, this country is incredible.

And I wish you a good end of Sunday while waiting for my little cans of sparkling water next week. Wash your hands and offer an apple pie to your neighbor, it’s done from time to time.