Top 10 dumbest news stories, champions of the week #391

Hi bowls of Andalusian sauce, how are you today? We’re pretty good, I believe, even though I broke my colleague Marie’s favorite lamp and she was really sad. A beautiful life lesson which proves that one should not get attached to material things. Anyway, it’s time for the champions of the week, these unusual miscellaneous facts that we find in part thanks to @justetitre to whom we wish a good holiday.

1. In a few days, Meta’s “world’s best chatbot” became a conspirator

Topito’s analysis: Barely a few days, that’s the time it takes for an AI to become a conspirator, but it’s also the time it takes your friends to become “cons plotters”, it goes quickly to twist on the internet .

Meta has released, only in the United States, its new chatbot BlenderBot 3.0. After the first exchanges with Internet users, the bot very quickly proved to be problematic.

Posted by Les Numériques on Wednesday, August 10, 2022

2. They come to get their pizza… by helicopter

Topito’s analysis: Everything is going well, the forests are burning, the temperatures are rising dangerously and we are heading straight into the wall but people are going to get their pizzas in a helicopter. Shitty world.

3. A runner comes in last in the 400 meters because his penis keeps popping out of his shorts while running.

Topito’s analysis: Like what we can never say it enough: if you’re athletic you need good equipment, otherwise it’s a mess and you risk missing out on your moment of glory just because your dick comes out all the time.

4. A model’s prosthetic leg erased from a Spanish government campaign… for inclusiveness

Topito’s analysis: Ouch, suddenly in terms of inclusivity it’s not great, it even goes against the whole principle if you think about it, which we can therefore qualify as a failure for this campaign and it’s a shame that someone one was pissed off erasing that when it was going in the direction of the basic project.

5. After the death of the beluga in the Seine, Internet users are worried about Lou Bega

Topito’s analysis: I don’t really get it, did people think it was Lou Bega who was lost in the Seine? Is it because of the name of the animal that they remembered the singer and decided to be interested in him? You have to explain to me.

Following the news of the death of the beluga stuck in the Seine for several days, many Internet users have confused the name of the cetacean with that of Lou Bega, famous German interpreter of “Mambo N°5”.

Posted by La Dépêche du Midi on Wednesday, August 10, 2022

6. Influencer makes a dance video for TikTok as a fire progresses a few meters from her house and shocks Spain

Topito’s analysis: Maybe we finally got around to what we had to do, in real life, when we see that we say to ourselves that humanity may be over as a concept. Sacred buzz say so.

A young woman thought to make the buzz by staging herself while dancing in front of the fire which threatened her house, it’s done…

Posted by L’Indépendant on Thursday, August 4, 2022

7. Victim of an engine failure, a plane lands on the highway before exploding

Topito’s analysis: It’s what we call a good first flight, if it doesn’t end in fire on the highway like in GTA I don’t see the point of taking the plane anyway.

8. At 6, she invites Prince George to his birthday and receives a letter from the royal family

Topito’s analysis: He could have at least made the trip, this bastard, great to send a letter but when you are invited to a birthday party the least you can do is come or send a present. What a bastard.

9. The unusual adventures of Patrick the pony, elected mayor of his city then banned from the pub

Topito’s analysis: Honestly, isn’t that both the best and the saddest story you’ve read in like 10 minutes? Me it upset me, it’s too good, he is mayor the pony and he was banned from a pub. No need to know more.

10. He gets stuck in a trash can, the firefighters intervene

Topito’s analysis: the picture speaks for itself.