Top 10 dumbest news stories, champions of the week #377

Hello my little streets paved with good intentions, how are you on this pleasant Sunday in May? We are not doing too badly, especially when we see what is happening around us with the champions of the week, these unusual miscellaneous facts which make us say that finally we have a more or less normal life. Once again, we thank this wise @adjustit who finds articles every week by going through the news.

1. United States: a man fails to escape the police by hiding under a white sheet

Topito’s analysis: He had a project that did not necessarily have much chance of succeeding, but in reality we can applaud the attempt. Not for his intelligence or originality, but for having had the audacity to think it could pass.

“Here at Belfast Police Department we have seen some crafty ways of hiding from the Police. This unfortunately is not one of them,” the BPD said.

Posted by Insider on Wednesday, May 4, 2022

2. Netherlands: A 4-year-old child steals his mother’s car to go for a walk

Topito’s analysis: Future delinquent or future rally driver, the future will tell. In any case, we can stop for a second on the size of this 4-year-old child who is obviously big enough to reach the pedals and the steering wheel at the same time.

3. A plane turns around: the co-pilot had not completed his training

Topito’s analysis: In these cases, it is better not to make an announcement on the microphone to give the real reason for the U-turn to the passengers, otherwise there is clearly panic on board. Fortunately this story ended well and we hope that this co-pilot will soon have his diploma.

This atypical case is added to the long list of planes forced to turn around for unusual reasons.

Posted by on Thursday, May 5, 2022

4. A cemetery was hidden under their future home, they are asked for €300,000 for excavations

Topito’s analysis: Already the first bad news: discovering a cemetery under his land, but then comes the announcement of the archaeologists who are asking the new owners for €300,000 to do research, a nightmare.

5. A wild turkey attacks passers-by and sows panic in a park

Topito’s analysis: It’s been said for a long time that turkeys are real crap. My uncle told me that he once saw one kill a crocodile with his own hands during a trip. WITH HIS OWN HANDS.

6. Married to a hologram, he can no longer talk to his wife because of a bug

Topito’s analysis: It is said that love knows no obstacles, yet in this example it does. Maybe we need to do the updates, restart his machine or his wife for that matter, I don’t know how he wants us to talk about it.

7. Gironde: the car ends up in the alcohol section of the convenience store

Topito’s analysis: At first you might think it was an accident but no, he ended up exactly where he wanted to refuel. Maybe the store was going to close soon and he felt rushed, that’s understandable.

8. Without knowing it, she adopted the son of her husband and his mistress: “He looked so much like our other children”

Topito’s analysis: Family stories are always a mess, but here we can all agree that it’s a funny situation. Not really want to do Christmas Eve at home this year, in my opinion the atmosphere will be great.

9. Morbihan: their house was devastated by tenants, even a pony lived inside

Topito’s analysis: There comes a time when as a tenant you say to yourself that you won’t get the deposit back and you start to get out of control in your accommodation. Damn for damn, might as well put a pony in there and make one of his dreams come true, that’s understandable.

10. Italy: The US Army returns his birthday cake stolen 77 years ago

Topito’s analysis: It was time to wash away this affront and fix this mistake. 77 years is a long time, especially for a birthday. On the other hand, the cake must not really be very fresh anymore, not sure if it’s the best gift they could give him.

I wish you a sweet week and advise you to avoid eating too much sugar. Treat yourself to celery instead, and then check out the teubés of the week.

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