Top 10 dumbest news stories, champions of the week #374

“Hello, I’m Nicolas Sarkozy and I have the great pleasure of reading the stormy weather for Audible”

No it’s not true, it’s me Quentin, and this week I’m making you the Champions of the Week instead of Tim who is currently reading the manual for his washing machine (there are a lot of pages) . In short, the champions, you know now, it’s the best of news items, it’s human bullshit at its peak, it’s a beautiful novel, it’s a beautiful story. Let’s go. And as usual, thanks to @Ajustetitre for the helping hand.

1. Dax: she buys an electric car to charge at home, but lives on the fourth floor of a building

Topito’s analysis : Not easy to be green. We make efforts, more efforts, and then reality catches up with us and comes to sabotage everything. Afterwards, we understand that Castex makes all its journeys by private jet.

2. Hit with a saber for having brought Coke and not vodka during a drinking party in Reims

Topito’s analysis : Since when do the people of Reims drink anything other than Champagne? It has changed Reims, good traditions are being lost…

3. Brazil: After Viagra, Thousands of Penile Implants Ordered for the Army

Topito’s analysis : Something weird is going on with this army right now. They’re up to something dirty, and when we find out, it’ll be too late.

4. Wanted, he gets into a police car in Amiens

Topito’s analysis : He’s the kind of guy, you hide and seek with him, he hides behind the curtain with his feet sticking out.

5. Coulommiers: Brawl between a hundred people at the cheese fair, six police officers injured

Topito’s analysis : Only the French really fight at a cheese fair. Every time a guy confused brie and camembert and it got out of hand.

?? Coulommiers: Brawl between a hundred people at the cheese fair, six police officers injured? Six protagonists were also arrested and six other people were injured

Posted by Actu17 on Monday, April 11, 2022

6. Lot-et-Garonne: a speeding driver is justified by a TOC of “aligning the needle of his meter”

Topito’s analysis : Frankly, all the people who have ocds will be able to understand it. If he comes across a judge who has all his pens neatly arranged parallel on his desk, he will have a chance to get away with it.

7. The Quebec Ministry of Health mistakenly broadcasts a link to a pornographic site

Topito’s analysis : I hope it was at least a video with a nurse, just to stay in their field.

8. Unusual: the Zelensky look-alike managed to flee Ukraine thanks to… the clone of Vladimir Putin

Topito’s analysis : I hope that this anecdote will be part of the History program in 2050.

9. Rugby League: James Maloney tested positive for cocaine

Topito’s analysis : All puns on the subject have already been made, so out of respect for humor I let you imagine them.

Australian James Maloney, rugby league star who was doing a last freelance in the French championship, in Lézignan, tested positive for cocaine

Posted by 20 Minutes Sport on Tuesday, April 12, 2022

10. United States: A self-driving taxi tries to flee a police checkpoint in San Francisco

Topito’s analysis : The future is a little disappointing compared to what we imagined when we were little.

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