Top 10 dumbest news stories, champions of the week #373

Hi to all my pannacottas with strawberry coulis, how are you today? I hope you went to vote, because it’s important, at least I hope you went to vote, but not for certain candidates. But let’s forget for a moment these political stories to focus on things almost as important as the champions of the week, these unusual news items that we find in part each week thanks to @Well Namedsomeone who reads the press a lot and sleeps only three hours a month.

1. The author of “How to kill her husband” tried for having killed her husband

Topito’s analysis: She had written the bestseller long before she actually killed her husband in 2018 and she went on trial very recently. Sad story, but we almost want to say that she had a little warning in the end.

2. They come to the wedding with their children who were not invited, the bride and groom send them the bill

Topito’s analysis: Normal. Frankly normal. They come with people who are not invited and they expect it to go away on its own? If we let this pass, what’s the next step? Some people can take two plates of cake? There are people who really don’t respect anything.

3. Pyrenees-Orientales. He forgets the handbrake, his car ends up on trees 6 meters high

Topito’s analysis: An oversight or a revolutionary anti-theft technique? Doubt is allowed. In the meantime, it’s practical to avoid looking for a place for an hour, even if I grant you that starting off in a tree six meters high is not something you learn during the permit.

4. McDonalds brings out a cult sauce after several years of absence: riots in the United States

Topito’s analysis: It’s really only in the United States that something like this can happen, riots for a sauce, how they want to be respected with this kind of story. Then we’re not going to lie to each other, the Szechuan sauce is good. Really good.

5. Ille-et-Vilaine. He steals 229 bottles of alcohol… and a packet of surimi

Topito’s analysis: When you drink so much, you have to mop up if you want to continue on the length. On the other hand, if we make the ratio 229 bottles for a package of surimi, I will not hide from you that without being an expert, there is a chance that it will not be enough in terms of food.

6. The badly translated tattoo: a scourge that is causing a lot of ink to flow

Topito’s analysis: The poor client actually realized after fifteen years that his tattoo of two Chinese ideograms did not mean “Love and Freedom” but “I like poo”, which does not have the same meaning at all. That’s a shame.

7. A horse bursts into a supermarket in Italy and becomes a social media star

Topito’s analysis: Sometimes it doesn’t take much to break the screen and become a star and this horse has experienced it. And at the same time, it makes sense since it’s one of the rare times you see a live horse in a shopping center, usually it’s more in frozen lasagna that you find it.

8. Sweden: Supreme Court judge sentenced for theft of ham and dumplings

Topito’s analysis: Are you going to make me believe that with her salary as a supreme court justice she couldn’t afford a slice of ham and meatballs? But where will the madness of men stop when those who are supposed to apply the law break it at all costs? Sad world, my dumplings hurt.

?? At the end of her distinguished career in the service of the law, a Swedish Supreme Court justice was convicted of shoplifting a Christmas ham and meatballs.

Posted by 20 minutes online on Saturday, April 2, 2022

9. Lidl: Employee fired for eating expired cake from store supply

Topito’s analysis: Frankly, it’s abused, an expired cake is fine, it doesn’t matter. After nineteen years of seniority, we expected a little more leniency. Afterwards, if it turns out, she was super rented by the way and the cake trick was a bogus excuse.

10. This pseudo-doctor will have practiced for 3 years with a BTS in real estate management for only diploma

Topito’s analysis: We can judge her quickly and say to ourselves that it’s abused but if we look at the thing a little closer we still have someone who has managed to hold on to the lie for three years and three years is a long time. And then maybe in the BTS real estate management we teach them the basics of medicine with an option, we don’t know.

Real estate leads to everything, even to medicine! One would think so in any case, in view of the career of this 31-year-old mother…

Posted by FRANCE LIVE on Monday, April 4, 2022

Come on, while waiting for next week, we wish you a good Sunday in the first round of the election and we advise you to go see the teubés of the week, it’s always nice.

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