Top 10 do’s and don’ts in a hotel room

Do’s and don’ts in a hotel room: We’ve already talked about good table manners, you really needed it, and even the rules of decorum in high society in case you were one day invited to a social dinner (don’t dream too much). There is another situation where rules are necessary: ​​a hotel stay. So of course, if you prefer camping in a field during a festival where you don’t wash for 3 days, you won’t necessarily need these tips but we give them to you anyway.

Top 10 do's and don'ts in a hotel room
Do’s and don’ts in a hotel room

1. Don’t fold dirty towels

Before we started worrying about the fate of our dear planet, hotel towels were changed every day. Today, it is best to keep them for several days. If you want your towel to be changed during your stay, do not hang it up but leave it on the floor. Similarly, all towels should be left on the floor when leaving a hotel room to signify that they have been used.

2. Check the price before using the minibar

This is a fatal mistake that anyone accustomed to hotels has already made once (but not twice): drinking a coke from the minibar and then realizing that it costs 8€. Depending on the hotel, the contents of the minibar may be included in the price of the stay or may be extra. If it’s extra, there’s no need to look at the prices: it will always be too expensive.

3. Ventilate the room

4. Inform the reception if you receive people

When you pay for a hotel room, an individual tourist tax is included in the price. Each person who uses the hotel is supposed to pay a tourist tax but the hotel can make an exception for a visitor who comes for the evening. It is therefore preferable to inform the reception if you do not want to pay a family supplement.

5. Not eating breakfast in pajamas

In a hotel, you only have the right to walk around in your bathrobe if you’re going to the spa or the swimming pool. Otherwise, you’ll have to get dressed and put on shoes. If you absolutely want to have your breakfast without pants, all you have to do is order room service.

6. Collect your trash

The least you can do when you leave a hotel room is to collect your waste to facilitate the work of cleaning staff. We don’t ask you to do the housework of course, but you can put in the trash your empty cake packets, your condom wrappers and the empty conditioner bottles lying around in the bathroom. If you’re nice, you can also get your gross hair out of the shower drain.

7. Not making the bed

I know that your dear mother raised you very well and that you always make your bed in the morning, but it’s useless to do it when leaving a hotel room. In any case, the maintenance staff will have to change the sheets and it will be more work for them if you have tucked the duvet well.

8. Don’t be a big rat when you leave with the hair dryer

In season 9 of Friends, Ross explained to us what it is accepted to take away from a hotel room. Quite frankly, we advise you not to leave with the bulbs of lamps and the batteries of the remote control because it is frankly not nice. In fact, you can take anything that you might have used during your stay, and which is bound to be replaced. So you can take with you the bottles of shower gel and shampoo, the toothpaste, the tissues, the notebook and the hotel pencil, the tea bags, the slippers and possibly a roll of PQ if you are really struggling. . You have not absolutely not the right to bring reusable objects: towels, bathrobes, hair dryer, remote control, kettle, alarm clock, hangers, ashtray and everything else in fact.

9. Put things back where they belong

When you arrived, the remote control was on the bedside table with the phone, the small notebook and pen with the hotel logo were on the TV cabinet and the bathroom door was still on its hinges. You don’t really know what happened last night, but your hotel room is in a bad state and you’d better put everything back in place so as not to look like a huge jerk.

10. Tip

In France, it is generally not necessary to tip hotel staff (except for porters if you are high and you sleep at the Ritz every week). On the other hand, if you are late and you leave leaving the room in a disgusting state, it would be nice to leave a 5€ note with a word of apology and thank you.

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