Top 10 dogs that have changed the most over time, those that we have selected too much

Natural selection is when you leave animals alone and they evolve little by little (we’re not going to repeat a lesson on Darwin, but you see what we’re talking about.) The selection of pedigree dogs, her, her is not natural at all. We make them mate according to the characteristics we want to keep, and suddenly the evolutions are much faster. The results can be seen in a few decades (or even less). And some breeds have evolved quite a bit over that time. As much to tell you right away: we don’t find that jojo, both aesthetically and ethically (and this top dog breed honest version can testify to it).

1. The Pug

The Pug has lost a few centimeters of legs and its nose has completely shortened. He was already not well jojo before, but now it’s become nonsense. Poor animal. Pug owners, tell us: in real life, don’t you find your dog beautiful? You adopted him to make fun of him, right?

2. The Pomeranian

Also called dwarf Spitz by those who can’t say “Pomeranian” without bursting out laughing after the second syllable. On the program of transformations we have: the ears which are rounded, the shortened legs, the smaller muzzle, and above all a much less noble air. We preferred the version from a century ago but he is still one of the most beautiful dogs in the world.

3. The Bull Terrier

The typical dog that freaks out when you see it on the street has totally changed in 100 years. Before, he was fine and had a pretty decent face. Today, it’s a big bunch of muscles with the muzzle pointing much more downwards. We can also talk about his dangling chops that make him look a little stupid, whereas before he exuded intelligence.

4. The Saint Bernard

Oooooh the big dog too cute. He really has a pretty face, the Saint-Bernard. And even more so now that he’s gotten a little bigger. Maybe it’s because he moves his butt a little less than before, the big pooch?

5. The Toy Poodle

That’s his mother’s little dog. The pooch that all the other dogs in the neighborhood make fun of because he has to endure endless hairdressing sessions. And apart from its look which has changed to another fashion, the Toy Poodle has also changed its face: it is now less triangular. A little more like a teddy bear, so it fits with his name.

6. The Bulldog

The Bulldog’s change is not incredible, but we notice that he has become even stockier and more muscular than before. He’s still just as ugly, but hey, he’s nice, so we forgive him. Still, it’s a little weird to breed dogs that are out of breath as soon as they take three steps. Maybe we should leave them alone.

7. The German Shepherd

In 100 years, the German Shepherd gained about 10 kg (like you during the holidays). He went from an average of 25 kg to 35 kg. Other than that, no big changes, apart from his rear end which has lowered quite a bit, giving him a stockier look. A good dog-dog that you always want to congratulate, even when he hasn’t done anything special.

8. The Dachshund

Breeders/breeders have managed a feat: shorten the legs of this poor dachshund while lengthening its neck. Well done. It is now even more ridiculous than before. We send him all our good vibes hoping that he doesn’t suffer too much from his ridiculous dog condition.

9. The Boxer

The boxer lost a bit of ass but kept lots of muscles in the front of the body. He has been crossed with his fellow dogs so much that his physical condition is rotten: he has trouble regulating his body temperature and he develops many more cancers than other dogs. It’s great, artificial selection, huh?

10. My dog

On the left in 1915, on the right today. Shock. Skippy, little angel gone too soon (even if you had a tendency to piss too much on the couch).

Top 10 dogs that have changed the most over time, those that we have selected too much

We’re very sorry to be moralizing, but hey, we’ll say it again: selecting races is a bastard thing (do you have it?). At worst, you can decorate your dogs with dog gifts.

Source: Dogs of all nations Via: dailygeekshow

And if you like dogs, we show them to you in an honest version here.

Top 10 dogs that have changed the most over time, those that we have selected too much
Picture credits: Dogs honest version by Topito

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