Top 10 Disgusting Things Actors Did On Set

Acting is generally a pleasant profession. There are shoots where we party, shoots that create friendships, and there are even couples that form on shoot, as what being an actor can bring rather good. But from time to time, the job requires you to play in scenes where you have to do stuff that’s a little filthy, and there, right away, you say to yourself that you’re quite happy not to be in the actors’ shoes.

1. Lea Michele threw up while singing Freed, Delivered while filming Glee.

Even if Lea Michele is one of the unbearable actors on set and she has even been accused of racism, we are not savages to the point of wishing her to vomit on herself in the studio. Yet this is what she did during the filming of an episode of Glee when singing let it gothe original version of the song by Snow Queen. As she performed the hit, fake snow fell above her, and Lea Michele looked up. Big mistake since flakes entered his mouth and the product literally made him vomit in front of the cameras. It seems that the prod kept the images, and we know that some would be ready to pay dearly to see this moment.

Top 10 Disgusting Things Actors Did On Set

2. Salma Hayek had to eat a disgusting fake heart in Tales of Tales

For a scene in Matteo Garrone’s fantasy film, the character of The Queen of Selvascura had to eat a huge raw heart. Of course, Salma Hayek didn’t eat a real organ, but a fake made with marshmallow, sugar, syrup and dough. She revealed in an interview that the mixture was disgusting and so sweet that it hurt her teeth. In the end, a real heart might have tasted better.

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3. The Wizard of Oz actors were too dirty when they ate.

In The Wizard of Oz, three of the lead roles required heavy full-face makeup: the Iron Man, the Lion, and the Scarecrow. Nothing unusual for a shoot, except that the three were forbidden to eat with others in the studio canteen because apparently they were far too repulsive to see eating. Not super nice, even if we understand that it can spoil the appetite.

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4. A despicable kiss took place during the filming of WandaVision

We told you about the theories on WandaVision, the very cool Marvel series that lit up the start of the year, but we didn’t dwell on the filming anecdotes, and there is one particularly repulsive. This is a kiss between the two main characters played by Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany during which one of the two actors had a runny nose. The two blamed each other in an interview, but it appears the culprit was Paul Bettany who, according to Elizabeth Olsen, had so much makeup on his face that he couldn’t even tell he had snot on his nose. Either way, the experience didn’t look like much.

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5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer also had her share of disgusting kisses.

The most emblematic couple of the series is of course the Buffy/Angel duo (sorry Spike), lovers that everything opposes since one is a vampire and the other a vampire slayer. It’s all very romantic. Much more romantic than the reality of the shoot, since Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz had fun eating very smelly stuff before the kissing scenes, like tuna or pickles, just to disgust each other. At least that way they were sure to stay good friends and not have any desire to catch each other once the cameras were off. It’s smart.

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6. Anne Hathaway was surrounded by dead fish while filming Les Miserables.

Anne Hathaway played Fantine in Wretched and she even won an Oscar for this role, among other things thanks to her extreme transformation which allowed her to lose 12 kilos and to have the skin on the bones. But that’s not the only tricky thing she had to do for the film, as during scenes on the docks, the actress was surrounded by real dead fish that were rotting and smelling foul. The worst part of it all? Anne Hathaway had recently gone vegan before filming the film, so playing next to dead animals left her with a serious conscience. It must not have been the best period of his life, this shoot.

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7. In Night of the Living Dead, the zombies ate real entrails.

A zombie movie is always a bit gross, between the make-up and the shredded fake limbs. But in the filming of Romero’s film, one sincerely wonders how the actors did it. To make fake blood, and since the film was in black and white, the props used chocolate syrup, which is pretty cool, but for the texture, there was real animal entrails provided by butchers in the corner. And there, it is immediately much harder. The actors had to bite into this dubious mix, and we really wouldn’t have liked to be in their shoes.

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8. John Cena ate way too many empanadas on the set of Suicide Squad 2.

suicide squad 2, it’s the big blockbuster of the moment, and like in any self-respecting big blockbuster, the actors tell anecdotes of filming in interviews. The anecdote of John Cena, it is particularly suitable for our top since the actor almost puked in front of the cameras. The cause ? He had to shoot a scene where he was eating empanadas. Nothing disgusting about it, except that by starting the scene over and over again, he stuffed himself with 31 empanadas, an astronomical amount of food. He explained that a 32nd empanada would surely have been one too many that would have made him puke, but since it’s John Cena, we’re sure he could have gone up to 50.

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9. Mark Hamill had to drink gross liquid for Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

In the first film of the trilogy, Luke Skywalker drinks a weird blue drink, which is not so surprising for a sci-fi movie. The thing is, he had to drink it in real life during filming, and Mark Hamill explained that the contents of the glass made him feel sick. It was a mixture of oily milk with blue food coloring, and apparently there’s something better for breakfast.

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10. Robert Pattinson licked mud in The Lighthouse

Robert Pattinson, he’s the extreme type when he plays a role. The type to go all the way to get into the skin of his character. And when it comes to playing a mildly affected lighthouse keeper, Robert is capable of doing some filthy stuff, like sitting on the floor and licking mud, pissing on himself and forcing himself to vomit. A true professional.

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