Top 10 disgusting dishes in Japan, there’s sushi to be made

“Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss’ssssssssessssssssssssssessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssededbackfoodfoods. We tell you, it’s big bullshit. The Japanese are like everyone else, they have super fine and delicious dishes that they alone master to perfection, of course, but they are also, like the rest of humanity, big scumbags who from time to time eat things who scream “vomit” when you look at them. Let’s establish the truth from the top: Japan is a weird country.

1. Natto

A great classic, almost everyone knows. Best eaten at breakfast. Because who doesn’t want to eat a clump of fermented, gooey beans that smell of munster and make strings when they wake up in the morning?

2. Ika no shiokara

It looks like a dish already digested, and ultimately it’s not that far from the truth. These are small pieces of squid stuck in a sauce obtained from the fermentation of the viscera of said squid, fermentation which can last up to a month. Normally you must have a rise of bile and it is good, you remain in the theme.


Shirako is simply cod milt. What is milt? Well, it’s the sperm pouch, basically. It seems to taste creamy. To complete the discomfort, know that shirako literally means “white children”. There you go.

4. Inago no tsukudani

Yes, even in Japan, it eats insects. Rarely, but still. There, for example, they are caramelized locusts in soy sauce. If you’re not too into cricket, don’t worry, there is also a silkworm version. Nothing, it makes us happy.

5. Nankotsu

The chicken skewer is overrated. What’s cool is the chicken CARTILAGE skewer. Well yes, how could it be a bad idea to cook a piece that we usually throw away, and which contains absolutely no meat?

6. Funazushi

Considered a luxury product, funazushi is fish that has been fermented for 3 to 4 years. Suddenly, we can think that they do not know the expression “stink of rotten fish”. Or in any case, that it is not a dish to choose during a first date.

7. Hokkaido Crab Brain

See that greenish mixture on the left half of the sushi below? Yes this thing there, where it looks like a pigeon has shit a huge droppings on your food? Well, it’s mashed crab brain. The Japanese probably tell themselves that we don’t eat enough persimmon stuff in life.

8. Tamagogani

Tamagogani is a Japanese version of a snack. Something you nibble on when you’re feeling peckish, that’s it. Good except that there, it’s fried mini-crabs. That we eat entirely, shells, claws and eyes included. Personally, we’re going to stay on Belin crackers, we, huh.

9. Horumon yaki

It’s a grill where everyone cooks their own piece of meat, barbecue atmosphere. Meat ? Pork or beef offal, your choice: esophagus, heart, intestine, uterus, diaphragm… Come back kid! The top is not finished…

10. Absolutely EVERYTHING from Chinju Ya Restaurant

Earthworm pudding, a whole crocodile leg, cockroaches in salad: here is a tiny glimpse of what this restaurant offers. In terms of disgust, we haven’t found worse. Or better. We don’t know anymore, we would just like to have a small vomit bag close to us.

And itadakimasu (the equivalent of our good appetite), huh, as they say over there. Or good luck, it’s up to you. And be nice not to bring these foods back to the office if you want to keep the respect of your colleagues for a while.

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