Top 10 directors who have the seum, we relax Mauritius

Sometimes people have it a bit bad without too much reason, they kinda criticize others for nothing because they think they can do better, because they think they’re better or just because it’s is big sour. In the art world, and more particularly in the cinema, we have a few examples of frankly unhappy people who have somewhat criticized the work of their colleagues, so we’re going to show you some of them, there’s salt there -inside. It goes a bit along the lines of the worst reviews of cult films at the time of their release.

1. Nanni Moretti and “Titanium”

Italian director of Tre Piani who was in competition at Cannes really didn’t like Titanium nor his victory at the festival. He then entrusted “Getting old suddenly happens. Especially when your film takes part in a festival and it doesn’t win. While wins another film, in which the heroine becomes pregnant with a Cadillac. You age suddenly for sure. » A little too sad to have lost the Nanni all the same, it’s not nice to be such a bad old player.

2. Joe Pytka and “Space Jam 2”

Joe Pytka is the director of the very first film space jam, suddenly seeing that all the press was a bit smashing the second film he didn’t direct, he went to see it to get an idea. His return is clearly not positive and I let you discover it for yourself, as one discovers the puddle of vomit left by a friend the day after a party at home: “I couldn’t finish it in one sitting. The truth is, LeBron is not Michael Jordan. And Bugs Bunny, he looks like one of those stuffed dolls you buy at an airport gift shop to bring your kid along when the business trip has taken too long. » Not tender.

3. Matthieu Kassovitz and “Love lasts 3 years”

Frédéric Beigbeder’s film adapted from his own book which spoke more or less of his own story did not at all make Matthieu Kassovitz who we generally know for not keeping his tongue in his pocket. “So Frédéric Beigbeder makes films about his life and presents a program of film reviews. Nothing stops a sore on coke. » Quite violent and free, but at the same time I like Kassovitz so it made me laugh personally.

4. Christophe Gans and “The Impasse”

The dead end by Brian DePalma is a frankly well done film, even if it depends on everyone’s tastes. Thereupon Christophe Gans, director of The Pact of the Wolves and of silent Hill is not of the same opinion since he had nevertheless said: “It’s his worst film. It’s scary through and through. […] It’s monstrous, it’s the absolute zero of cinema […] L’Impasse is a shitty movie. It’s unbearable. » Well then Christophe? Maybe we’ll calm down.

5. Quentin Tarantino and “Matrix Reloaded”

Whether we like the Matrix sequels or not, we can agree that it’s a bit of a succession of action scenes and digital special effects. In the heap of spectators, Tarantino really did not like this aspect of the film and made it clear: “CGIs are the scourge of modern cinema. Even if it means having fun with video games, you might as well stick your dick in a Nintendo. » Ok, Quentin doesn’t go with the back of the spoon, he’s like that.

6. Alejandro Jodorowsky and “Avatar”

If we can recognize in Jodorowsky a certain talent in a lot of things he has done, he is also good at saying what he thinks. This is the case on the film Avatar of which he said: “400 million dollars of budget and I have already forgotten it. The only things I have left are some racing Smurfs and a cowboy story. » He is like that Alex, he allows himself. Afterwards he still said that “Dany Boon is a great actor” and that is serious. No, in fact it is false.

7. Paul Verhoeven and “Schindler’s List”

Paul Verhoeven does not like quince jam, stepladders and Schindler’s List. It’s cruel but that’s the way it is. I take this statement as proof: “I wanted to write a very sarcastic review at the time where I made a comparison between Schindler’s List and Jaws by proving that fundamentally, their dramatic strings are identical.[…] it’s the same kind of drama. Every minute, a Jew or a swimmer gets caught, by Ralph Fiennes or by the shark. » It’s a bit simplistic Paul all the same, but it has the merit of not being vulgar.

8. Alejandro Jodorowsky and “Inception”

And yes, again that good old Alejandro who did not hide a certain love for Inception. And there he goes even more frankly than with Avatar : “I really amused myself by this idiocy. […] But it’s a pathetic unconscious! […] It’s a completely stupid but very funny movie. I saw it just a month ago and I already don’t remember anything. » Ok Alejandro, on the other hand, it’s been two forgotten films, maybe a little concentration problem.

9. Quentin Tarantino and “Miami Vice”

You thought Tarantino was hard on Matrix Reloaded ? Well hang on because on miami vice it is even more violent: “The movie I hated the most this year was – by far – Miami Vice. It’s really crap. Michael Mann was for a long time one of the truly great writers in Hollywood, but I also thought Collateral was highly touted shit. […] Miami Vice is one of the dumbest, most uninteresting and ugliest movies I’ve ever seen! » Without comment, at the same time it was really not great as a film.

10. Fabien Onteniente and all his filmography

It still rarely happens that people shit on their own work, but Fabien Onteniente is not tender with his own filmography: “It’s shit, frankly, there’s nothing to save, it’s just a matter of making money and it works pretty well. » Honest, but still. (This is obviously false for the first degree team).

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