Top 10 different types of people on Vinted, the ones we hate way too much

The principle of Vinted, basic, is really super cool. You have clothes that you no longer use, you resell them to people and you make a lot of money, or you, you look for clothes at a reduced price and second-hand to avoid polluting too much, and you meet people archi rude who are ready to sell their own excrement for 50€. But still, once in a while, you do some business and it’s super cool. Unfortunately, on Vinted, you also meet some specimens, as evidenced by the funniest people on Vinted, and the other people who are a little less funny.

1. Those who want to negotiate at all costs even for 50 cents

My item is at 2.50€, will it change your life to have it at 2.40€, Bérénice ?????? Don’t you REALLY own those 10 cents?????? Nowhere ???? Even if you look in your pig piggy bank ????

2. Those who think they are on Tinder

Sir, let me explain to you, I come here to sell my size 36 Levis jeans. When I see Richard, 56, a big guy like you, who asks me to have close-ups on my buttocks to find out if he molds his ass well , allow me to doubt a little that it is purely to buy the jeans. Especially when you send me right after “Hmmmm not bad xD xP”

3. Those who feel like they are holding a treasure and triple the price of the item

Is it a Zara tank top or a diamond engraved “I love Keen’V” this article, seriously??? Put it at 5€ like everyone else Jennifer, otherwise no one will buy your shit.

4. Those who recycle to death and send you their things in condom boxes

So, I’m totally for recycling and reusing old boxes for my parcel shipments, don’t get me wrong. But on the other hand, when I get my Mac lipsticks and I get them in a Durex box WITH the instructions and I don’t understand how I’m supposed to “Tear the packaging at the jagged edge and then pinch the end to get the air out” of my lipstick, I’m a little disgusted.

5. Those who never answer (I HATE YOU)

You are clearly my personal enemies. What does it cost you to reply to your messages????? Serious ???? (However, I apologize for my 12 unread messages on Vinted, I too was lazy)

6. Those who tell you “article in very good condition” and when you receive the t-shirt a sleeve is missing

We don’t suffocate with your “very good condition” either, huh, I ordered a t-shirt, not a DIY workshop: sew up your sleeves on your own.

7. Those who cash you then never send their parcels

And you wait like an ass for 10 days, and all of a sudden your money magically comes back into your account. Why ? What is the point ?

8. Those who see your item at 50€ and say “come on, for 2€ I’ll take it from you”

And they really imagine that we’re going to say to them “oh yes, you’re absolutely right, why didn’t I realize that before????? Hop, it will be 2€ and on top of that I offer you 30 balls, a playstation 5 and my daronne in addition, tkt it’s a gift »

9. Those who run into your dm to tell you “Do you want ?????” when you favorite an article

If I wanted, I would have bought directly, smart guy. There I expect you to get depressed in 6 months and sell off the price at -50%, like everyone else.

10. Those who bookmark all your items but NEVER buy anything

I swear, I’m this close to texting them “Do you want ?????? ” me too.

Please come and have a look on my Vinted, my username is “Clara-de-Topito-en-galère-de-tune”.

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