Top 10 different types of middle schoolers, from creepiest to creepiest

Ah college, what a wonderful time! There are many secrets about college, including the fact that you were going to spend the worst years of your life there. Yes, you’re not the only one: college was difficult for everyone (except for the popular kids of the time, but they all missed their quiet life). Often the humiliating moments of middle school are the ones you remember all your life because you were just a fragile little thing back then. Now that you’re older, you take it all in hindsight and you watch from time to time what happened to the people of your middle school class, for a little laugh.

1. The screaming girl in the back of the bus

I know her, you know her, everyone knows her. The girl screaming at the back of the bus is called Anaïs, she’s wearing faded jeans with holes and an Adidas track jacket (if we’re in the 2000s). Anaïs answers the teachers, puts a lot of pencil under her eyes and chews gum very loudly. We can often see her in glue on Saturday mornings or in front of the gate, stalking a high school student who is failing at school.

2. The princess with the Longchamp bag

The girl with the Longchamp bag is called Chloé and she is always surrounded by other girls with Longchamp bags, identical clothes and trendy hairstyles. Chloe has braces (but no one laughs at her) and a state-of-the-art phone. She spends hours in front of the bathroom mirror, giggles whenever she sees a student she doesn’t like and loves spreading unfounded rumors about teachers and college students alike.

Top 10 different types of middle schoolers from creepiest to

3. Skater hoodie

The skater is the “nice but not too much” guy of the playground. He lives his life with his skater buddies without bothering anyone, especially don’t talk to him if you’re not part of his gang or he’ll kindly ignore you. The skater constantly wears a hood, he sleeps on his table at the back of the class and eats like three at the self-service restaurant without ever getting fat. After school, he goes to the skate park with his friends or goes home to listen to big sound and watch horror movies.

4. The jogger

The footballer is usually called Dylan and he only wears tracksuits with the socks over the jogging. Since 2010, the footeux wears a satchel or a banana bag. He talks badly at the CPE, copies his homework on his neighbor at the table and makes a mess in the queue at the cafeteria. When the PE teacher announces the futsal term, he cries of joy and breaks his badminton racket in half.

Top 10 different types of middle schoolers from creepiest to

5. The cool kid who makes fun of your shoes

Here is the most abominable character of secondary education, the popular boy who bullies the other children. His parents think he’s an angel but he’s actually a vicious demon who gets off on humiliating college kids. He wears trendy sneakers and a denim jacket (if we’re in the 90s-2000s-2010s) and monopolizes the benches of the court with his gang of friends. He has his place in the canteen and no one will ever dare to sit at his table without being invited. He wanted to be a delegate to show that he was loved by everyone, but in the end he never goes to class councils. This guy will probably fail his baccalaureate, will never leave the city where he was born and will be very satisfied with his little existence (yes, the resentment persists years later).

6. The World of Warcraft fan geeko

The geekos have a passion and this passion is video games. Everyone knows it because he only talks about it, uses expressions that no one understands and wears t-shirts with the image of his favorite characters. In English class, he always uses the same words he learned on online forums and when the teacher has a problem with his computer, he gets up to solve the problem.

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7. The bad boy who smokes cigarettes in front of the gate

The bad boy spends his days making everyone understand that he doesn’t want to be there. He comes to college on a 50cm3 motorcycle, glares at you when you ask him for something and throws his things on the floor when the teacher makes a remark to him. He rolls his joints on his diary, steals his classmates’ pens, and sighs when told to take off his hat in class.

8. The besta sistas who do everything together

Lola and Manon have been best friends since elementary school. They sit side by side in all the classes, both eat in the canteen and “hold the door” when they go to the toilet. They have matching beanies in winter and matching sandals in summer. Lola and Manon are unbearable but they seem happy, so much the better for them.

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9. The association that reads manga in the courtyard

The association is the one that is always bullied because it does not fit into the standard of the classic college student. She says she doesn’t care but in truth, she would like to be invited to Melody’s party like all popular students. In general, she eats alone and then goes to the CDI, the best place to read manga and play on her phone discreetly. College is not easy for her but later she will become world president and everyone will love her very much.

10. The comedian who spends his life in the infirmary

Last but not least: the actor. A character that often goes unnoticed, he reveals his talents as soon as he can get an advantage by playing comedy. A math test? He simulates an attack of appendicitis. Don’t want to queue at the self-service? The poor kitten is hypoglycemic. A 4x500m in the rain in EPS? It’s too stupid, he has a heart murmur. This professional scammer always gets his way.

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