Top 10 different types of cat owners, cat part on a lol quality study

Having a cat is cool, it has lots of advantages, including making you happy. But have you ever wondered if you make your cat happy? Well yes, because there are all kinds of cat owners and these little beasts are not all housed in the same boat. Because as Maxime Le Forestier said so well, “You don’t choose your owner, you don’t choose your family”. It’s the hour of truth.

1. The one who totally gaga

His parents always refused to have a cat at home so when he was able to have one, it became the treasure of his life (he even does tops on the most beautiful photos of his cat). As soon as he gets home from work, he throws himself on his cat to kiss her, apologizing for arriving so late. Besides, he never leaves in the morning without giving her a big hug. As soon as his cat does the slightest thing a little mims, this owner has stars in his eyes and tells himself that he has before him the most beautiful creature in the universe, but above all that his cat is the most wonderful of all. He only speaks to her with the chirping language that we use with babies, because it must be said, this cat is almost like her child now. Beware if you dare to make the slightest criticism of his beast.

2. The one who is too lax

Often a descendant of the gaga owner, the laxist passes everything to his cat. He lets him eat all the mice and birds in the area because “Oh but you know, cats are predators huh, it’s in their nature, you shouldn’t restrain them”. He buys her the most expensive kibble from the pet store because otherwise “Minou has a stomach ache, she hates the bottom of the range and then she doesn’t want to eat anymore”. And when his cat sleeps spread out in the middle of his bed at night, he takes a little blanket and goes to bed on the sofa. Bin yes, it should not wake up this poor beast.

3. The one who is afraid of it

This person has a cat, but not by choice. Let’s say that she submits to his presence rather than desires it. She was born into a family that loves animals a lot or she has to put up with her spouse’s ugly cat. This owner therefore does everything to avoid his cat. He lets him spend the whole day outside, delegates the tasks of feeding and cleaning the animal as much as possible and, above all, avoids meeting his gaze. Yet despite all his efforts, he suffers every night his cat climbs on his lap when he watches TV, because cats love people who hate them even more. And since he’s too freaked out to chase it, he stays there for two hours with ants in his legs waiting for the beast to leave.

4. The unloved

He adopted a cat for companionship and attention. Except that his cat hates him and makes him miserable. And go ahead, it claws and bites as soon as its owner wants to pet it. It’s not for lack of trying to be loved because this owner bought him a brand new super cocooning basket, gives him treats all the time and tries to play with him every day. But cats are sometimes very ungrateful.

5. The one who doesn’t care

He has a cat because he’s there but if one day he disappears, he won’t even realize it. He lets the cat do his thing and hardly thinks of leaving him something to eat when he goes on vacation. From one day to another, he will discover that his cat was in fact a cat, that she was not just “fat” but pregnant and that she had just given birth to four little kittens. And then it’s going to be funny. Well, as long as he doesn’t abandon them. That’s forbidden.

6. The one who sees all the Instagrammable potential

He has a story pinned to the front page with 1,524 dotted on his Instagram account. In this story there is his cat licking, eating, playing, sleeping, walking, twerking, meowing and swimming in the pool. Besides that, this person also created an account just for his cat. Because it wasn’t enough to see him everywhere on his own account. And as her cat has more subscribers than her, she buys him all the possible and unimaginable accessories to soften people hoping to break through one day. She has also started doing TikTok with him because no platform should be neglected.

7. The one who can’t stop

It started with one. Then this owner bought a second one so that the first one wouldn’t feel alone. Then, a friend of his gave him a kitten, so he welcomed it with open arms. Then one of the three gave birth and kept the four babies. Then, as one of the first died, he adopted two others to console himself. And it goes on and on and on. This is just the beginning (YOU!!!) okay, okay.

8. He Who Takes Refuge

Like the owner who does not know how to stop, the one who takes refuge never knows how to say no. As soon as friends of his are in difficulty to give away their kittens or as soon as he finds an abandoned cat somewhere, he brings them to his home to take care of them and offer them a new life. Well, as he can’t keep them all for lack of space and money, he lets people who want to adopt some. It’s always a heartbreak for him and he is in PLS for ten days after each departure. But in real life, fortunately there are people like him who take care of these little balls of fur.

9. The One Who Wanted a Dog

This person, having only one apartment and wishing for the well-being of his animals, had to resign himself to taking “just a cat” to live by his side. But since she’s a little frustrated, she tries to train him anyway by teaching him to pick up his songs when she comes home and not to meow at strangers. It doesn’t work, but hey, it’s still better than nothing and it trains her for when she can really have a dog. In the meantime, she calls her cat Rex and goes for a walk on a leash every evening.

10. The one who wants to rebuild a worthy lineage

As his children disappointed him a little, this owner thought that he would surely do better to give all his inheritance to Poupinette, his purebred Angora cat who participates in 10,000 beauty contests each year (there are none won only one but his cup is displayed like a relic in the middle of the living room). He spends a fortune each year so that his cat does not lose value and that it keeps its silky coat in perfect condition. He has launched a recruitment campaign to find him a worthy cat spouse and ensure a good lineage, but for the moment it’s complicated because none of them do the trick. Amazing..