Top 10 differences between your first baby and the following ones, when there is one it’s ok…

“You’ll see, with every baby, it’s different. “Uh yes, I confirm. Especially between the first and all the others.

2. For the first, you kept a “my baby logbook”

It’s so cute, this little dry piece of cord stuck to page 7, and also this first lock of hair slipped into a small envelope. In the “notes” section of each page, you addressed him in the second person singular, saying “Today you had a loose stool, poor thing. »

For the following, you are already super proud to remember their first cuddly toy.

3. For the first, you took good care of the health record

You applied yourself to writing, like on your textbooks in CE1. You were given a nice health book cover in the child’s name, and the pages are blackened with the illegible handwriting of this doctor you consulted regularly, to check that everything was fine.

For the following, you are sure that the health books are somewhere in the house, it is already good.

4. For the first one, you applied your principles (almost) to the letter

Ok, you made small deviations on the pacifier for example, and you like to say “Before I had principles, after I had a child. But for the rest, there are non-negotiable things, no, Tom, no tablet before bedtime.

For the following, you do indeed maintain a few principles, such as the fact that we don’t play tablets in the bath, well, okay, but only 20 minutes.

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5. For the first, you made a Tchoupi cake for his 1 year old

Finally you tried, which is already remarkable.

For the following, you planted the candle in a Kiri and they were very happy, proof that it’s really the intention that counts.

6. For the first one, you bought the latest pushchair, the 7-in-1 convertible bed and a vibrating deckchair to rock it

And even a bottle tree for drying them, which you used twice before drying the bottles upside down near the sink, like everyone else.

For the following, you kept the material of the first. The stroller isn’t really state-of-the-art anymore, the bed isn’t very flexible anymore, the deckchair doesn’t vibrate anymore, there are crumbs of boudoir all dry stuck everywhere, but it’s going very well like that.

7. For the first one, you sent the announcements on time

And even little words to thank the people who thanked you for your announcement by sending you a Sophie La Girafe.

For the following, you had the joy of announcing to your friends at the same time the 4 years of one and the 2 and a half years of the other, if it is not foutage of mouth, that.

8. For the first, you have pretty photo albums that you have had printed regularly, at nap time

You said “it’s too bad, if we don’t print them we never look at the photos. »

For the following, you thought the same thing but at nap time you also slept, you can’t do everything.

9. For the first, you wanted him to try several extracurricular activities, in order to arouse his curiosity

“It’s important that he goes to meet himself”, you even heard yourself say to the parents with whom you waited an hour while waiting for the end of the judo lesson.

For the following ones, you especially want to not bother yourself too much on the weekend by taking them each to two opposite points of the city. So you put them in the same pottery class, that’s good, pottery.

10. For the first one, you said you were tired and everyone complained about you

“Oh yes, say so, it upsets life a little bit like that. »

For the following, you realize that before it was not fatigue. And when you say you’re exhausted, everyone doesn’t care, because after all, “you wanted them, didn’t you? »

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