Top 10 differences between raising a child in the city and in the countryside

There are clearly two schools in raising children (yes, it’s like raising chickens): some prefer to be in the countryside, and others in town. And it’s true that we see quite quickly the differences that emanate between a child who was raised in the fields and another on the asphalt.

1. Access to culture

Since museums are generally at least an hour away, it’s not the first activity chosen by parents on Wednesday afternoons when it’s raining. The same for theatre, cinema or shows, so children growing up in the city still have easier access to all of this. That doesn’t mean he’ll be any less stupid, eh, genetics play a role too.

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2. Green spaces

I’m not talking to you about the municipal park, eh, but about real green spaces with forests, lakes, fields, even mountains, in short about real nature, not the square where you can find 15 kids per square meter in the middle of guys who try to shoot themselves in scred. The little countryman is still very lucky on this point.

3. Allergies

It seems that a child raised in the city is more likely to develop allergies and asthma, unlike a kid who spent his entire childhood in the middle of the bush playing in the hay with animals. Good after that doesn’t prevent being allergic to bullshit eh, but for that at least we are all on an equal footing.

Top 10 differences between raising a child in the city

4. Their relationship to animals

The country child is surrounded by animals, whether he owns any or not. He sees cows in the meadows, insects almost everywhere, horses, dogs, cats, in short, it’s the animal shop in his life. The little city dweller is more likely to see a cow at the Salon de l’Agriculture than in the courtyard of his building, but at least he very often sees sewer rats (and yeah, everyone has their privileges, huh).

5. Physical education classes

For city kids, PE classes are fairly commonplace, since it boils down to everything that can be done in a stadium, a gymnasium, or a municipal swimming pool. Country children too, except that in addition they can have sailing lessons for those who are by the sea, skiing for those in the mountains, or even pony because if there are fields, there has horses, it’s mathematics (no).

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6. Weekend destinations

What do the parents of a little city dweller do during the weekends when the weather is nice? Bah they do everything to get away where the little country people live, because after a while, the call of nature is felt (it’s nice to say so). Whereas the country kid, he moves a little less, or else he’s going to visit Paris with his parents, youpi.

7. Living in a house or an apartment

The advantage of living in the countryside is that you can live in a shack with a garden for the same price as a two-room apartment in eastern Paris. And the other advantage of having a garden is that your kid can play like crazy all afternoon without you having to find something to do for him in your 45 m2.

8. Accessibility to stores

A very annoying thing when you live in the countryside, a little out of the way, is that everything is far away, and everything is less accessible. Having to drive half an hour to buy a baguette is frankly boring, while in town, you can always buy a pack of emergency diapers for your kid, even if it’s 10 p.m.

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9. The car

A kid in the city is rarely in the car, because everything is accessible on foot or by public transport. For him, car journeys are more synonymous with holidays, while for the country boy, he must be stuck in them all the time, even if it’s just to go to school in the morning.

10. Calm and silence

Well yes inevitably, a kid who lives in town will be more used to falling asleep to the sound of cars and ambulances parading than to calm, silence, and the nocturnal song of frogs. I don’t know which is better, but it has been found that kids growing up in the city can fall asleep everywhere and even more so if there’s noise, a matter of habit I imagine.